What is your favorite skill/critical hit quote(s)?

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  3. What is your favorite skill/critical hit quote(s)?

User Info: Mozzil

3 years ago#1
I like "Die with magnificence", "Pick a God and pray", and Noire's "laugh"
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User Info: Vascela

3 years ago#2
"Special delivery!" - Henry

My ringtone.

User Info: SpeedDemon20

3 years ago#3
"Oh, let this be over!" -Olivia

I laughed the first time I saw it.
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

3 years ago#4
I wish Maribelle's "TRAW-GLAHDYTE" had been a skill quote rather than a "finished battle" quote, but oh well...

A top ten, in no particular order...

"You are SO dead!" - Stahl (This feels oddly unfitting, which is why I like it...)

"BIG mistake!" - Maribelle

"So long, chump!" - Sully

"Be silent!" -Lon'qu (Again, kinda funny. He sounds like he's telling off a child, not ending someone's life...)

"*gasp* STOP STARING!" - Olivia

"You will NOT stop me!" - Lucina (Actually, most of her lines look boring but are actually delivered really well.)

"Stand up and FIGHT!" - Walhart

"NAAOO! YOU GO EXTINCT!" - Yarne (Delivered to hilarious effect)

"And so it ends." - Panne

"Begone, foul miscreation!" -Miriel
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User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#5
Noire's laugh.

Other ones I like include:
- Inigo's "I'm a man of passion!"
- Walhart's "Stand up and fight!"
- Donnel's "Come on, Donny!"
- Cynthia's "Okay, you got this!"
- Nah's... okay, all of Nah's.
- Tharja's "Do you like darkness?"
- Anna's "Cha-ching!"
- Maribelle's "I promise you, this will hurt."
- Laurent's "I grow weary of you!"
- FeMU Voice 1's "Time to tip the scales!"
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User Info: Smashbroseph

3 years ago#6
"I'm gonna kill you!" - Henry
"Pick a god and pray." - Frederick

User Info: SlashReturns

3 years ago#7
Noire's laugh(you know, like everyone else >_>)(okay ALL of them are my favorites)

Other great ones are:

Tharja's giggle and "Do you like darkness?"
Lonqu's "BE SILENT!"(sounds like he's scolding them) and "How well will you die?"
Inigo's "I'm a man of PASSION!"
Sully's "I'll kill you twice!"
Vaike's "Looks like Teach just got Tenure~"
Gaius's "So long sucker."
Gregor's "Your jigging is up!"(one of my top favs)(okay all of his are fantastic)
Brady's "Get busy dyin'!"
Severa's "Say GOODNIGHT!"
Male Morgan's "Game Over!"
Walhart's "Fall to the wayside!"
All Male MU's voice one lines
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User Info: EmperorZangoose

3 years ago#8
Tharja: *Creepy/maniacal laugh*
Cynthia: This is the end, friend!

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#9
Noire's crazy laugh
Nah's "Okay, now i'm mad!"
Cynthia: "This is the end, friend!"
Lucina's "I challenge my fate!"
Lon'qu's "Be silent."
Sully's "I'll kill you twice!"
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User Info: DOTBHDD

3 years ago#10
"Yeeeeehaaaaaw"- Donnel
"I smell your fear"- Panne
"ha ha, I'm gonna kill you!"- Henry
"Come on, LOOK AT ME"- Kellam
"Cha-ching"- Anna
"Pick a god and pray"- Fredrick
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