So I got to replaying the game.

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  3. So I got to replaying the game.

User Info: MorganF

3 years ago#1
And I gotta say I liked it a lot more than I did when I first played it. In fact it might even be my favorite in the series.

It sucks that even though it boosted Fire Emblem's popularity it still isn't history making. I mean freaking Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto sell more than 30 times the amount of this game (not even exaggerating) and Awakening is SO much better.

User Info: Majora787

3 years ago#2
You shouldn't be too surprised that Awakening isn't doing as well as a mario game,e specially one with a legacy like Mario Kart.

It may not be the best selling game to ever exist, but it is the best selling game in the series and was basically the determining factor as to whether there would ever be a FE14.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#3
It IS history making. Just because Awakening won't break any overall records doesn't mean it's accomplishments aren't major. It is the best-selling title in the series thus far. And heck, ANY RPG of any subgenre from Japan that doesn't have the words Pokemon, Dragon, Quest, Final, Fantasy, Kingdom, and Hearts is lucky to even sell 300,000 copies, let alone one million. And as it has been repeated, this game also saved the series.
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User Info: King_Janaff

3 years ago#4
I actually enjoy just about every Mario Kart game more than I do Awakening.

But anyways, the game still sold well. And I guess it did save the series.

Then again, good sales don't necessarily mean the game is objectively good. And while I find Awakening ok, I would be disappointed if FE14 is similar in terms of gameplay.
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User Info: Charpig

3 years ago#5
At least in Fire Emblem the AI doesn't fire blue shells at you.....

Anyway, Fire Emblem will probably never be as popular as the other Nintendo franchises, but as long as the series continues, I don't care.
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User Info: ariasplash

3 years ago#6
Isn't Mario Kart Wii the third best selling game of all time only behind Super Mario Bros and Wii Sports, and the best selling non bundled game of all time?

It is silly to compare it to Awakening. Besides Awakening is an SRPG and it did amazing considering what genre it is part of.
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User Info: Master_Gamer

3 years ago#7
Charpig posted...
At least in Fire Emblem the AI doesn't fire blue shells at you.....

Nah. Instead, Fire Emblem hides wyrven lords with Silver Lances in fog of war desert maps. And Manaketes.
Mega Man rocks.

User Info: Sentinel07

3 years ago#8
It does kind of suck that Fire Emblem games won't sell as much as games they're clearly better than, but as others have said, Awakening's sales numbers for tremendous for its genre.

Not to mention, now that Awakening has increased awareness of the series (thanks to Nintendo finally advertising it), perhaps more people will get into the series with the next one.
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