Who did you marry?

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User Info: Supah-Dot

3 years ago#61
1. Lissa
2. Chrom
3. Tharja
4. Anna

I'm planning on having maribelle in my next rerun
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User Info: Jeremiah4444

3 years ago#62
2. Olivia
3. Gaius
5. Lucina
6. Yarne
7. Emmeryn
8. Panne
9. Nowi
10. Maribelle

The list goes on but I will STAWP here

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User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#63
Airship_Canon posted...
NEW-WAYS-2-DIE posted...
You guys suck. Are your waifus and husbandos really just lists to you? You're not even gonna say what you liked about them?

I gave basic reasons. Do you really want me going on a spiel on why I like Robin/Lucina?
I could, but I think I'll save that for another upcoming topic, really.

Spare us. Please. You and Huff have already done enough of that to hold this board over for the remainder of 2014.

User Info: whatthemuk

3 years ago#64
1. Lissa
2. Chrom
3. Tharja
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User Info: lowell666

3 years ago#65
17Master posted...
In this order. Sumia, Lucina, Chrom, No one (Avatar F), No one (Avatar M) , Say'ri, Noire. In my current game, I intend to marry Aversa after unlocking as many of the supports as I can pull.

Tisroero posted...
Airship_Canon posted...

Lissa - To search for "evidence" of it being "canon". [found all of nothing, BTW. But really uncovered a brilliant plothole.]

Explain dude. Don't leave us hanging.

Owain's father was killed taking an arrow from a Risen that was meant to hit Owain. This is in the same timeline that Avatar becomes Grima. This raises a few questions, including but not limited to... why would Grima protect Owain from the creatures he sent to kill him in the first place?

Well actually For the Avatar only, Owain never actually sees him die. He gets injured and the they are forced to seperate. This is implies that in this timeline, Robin somehow avoided getting possesed by Grima a good deal longer than it would happen in the main timeline, only to be captured later

That may raise even more questions though, but I try not to think so hard on it :3

Anywho, I've technically married everyone for their supports. But my only "true" marriages were Lissa and Lucina. Don't know who I'll marry with FeMU though, probably Basilio
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User Info: Boku22

3 years ago#66
Tharja. Because she was the only one interested in me. It was weird because I think about MU like he was "me" and she was stalking "me" XD pretty fun.

Also because she is sexy~~

User Info: ashelian

3 years ago#67

User Info: ssoojj

3 years ago#68
I married Chrom in my first run because of his stupid cutscenes where he's looking so endearing but he gave me a cute looking Morgan so i don't mind

Went for Lucina in my second run, even though i wanted S, because i thought morgan would be much stronger with one of the kids as a parent. I originally wanted to go for Cynthia, kid wise, but her dad is Gaius, and red haired Morgan just looks completely wrong.

Planning to go for Inigo or Owain next time I guess?
And Panne if I can convince myself not to marry her off to Stahl. Because bunny hot babe. Dang it.

User Info: BlownAway4

3 years ago#69
Owain, Aversa, and Walhart.

User Info: ssoojj

3 years ago#70
BlownAway4 posted...
Owain, Aversa, and Walhart.

since you married the last two... do they give any special skills or..

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