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User Info: TheMasterpika

3 years ago#1
Hi Guys :D I started playing on lunatic and i have a lot of problems. this is the 2nd time i restart my lunatic file( because bad level-ups and because i wasted elixirs). And it doesn't matter what i do, i always lose on chapter 2. Some help? I tried spamming frederick, but still the guys come too close and my units die anyway...

User Info: The Fir Coat

The Fir Coat
3 years ago#2
1. +Def, -Luck MU
2. Turn off animations in the flash forward prologue thing
3. In the second prologue, use the water trick (MU and Chrom can walk on water, pair Lissa and Frederick to them) to kill most of the enemies with MU. MU should be level 6ish at the end of this. Reset if he/she doesn't get Defense and HP ~4-5 times each, with decent Strength.
4. In Chapter one, pair Frederick to MU and have him/her solo the map on a fort. Again, reset if your levels aren't excellent.
5. In Chapter 2, do the same thing as in Chapter 1. Congrats, you've gotten past the hard part.
6. Eventually level Chrom for the Final Boss.
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User Info: HayashiTakara

3 years ago#3
Don't feed Fredrick the xp if you can't help it.

User Info: CaptainBang

3 years ago#4
You generally CAN'T help it.
Keep tons of EXP to my unit and make sure Chrom isn't far behind.
I have a very specific strategy towards Chapter 2 which is somewhat hard to explain. But to sum it up, had Chrom and Fred head north to tank about four baddies, make sure Fred leads and has an elixr, while the rest of the team dwindles down individual units to the west.
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User Info: The Fir Coat

The Fir Coat
3 years ago#5
CaptainBang posted...
You generally CAN'T help it.

Unless you do what I said, in which case Frederick needs to kill a grand total of 2-3 enemies for the whole game. (the first two Myrmidons + maybe a fighter)

EDIT: Not that he's a bad unit to use for the rest of the earlygame, mind you. He's very strong, and with a good pair up and an S-Rank Lance he can hold his own against unpromoted enemies for a while.
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