Favorite voice clips?

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User Info: Big-Wicket

3 years ago#21
Cynthia's "Too slow bro" is pretty good.

Although I get a chuckle every time she so enthusiastically shouts "let's get it on!".
She's go gung-ho about everything it's amazing.

User Info: EmperorFF2

3 years ago#22
"Anything can change!" Chrom
Pretty much all of Virion's quotes, but particularly "I am legend!", "Die... with magnificence!" and "Shall I make you... famous?"
"Pick a god and pray!" Frederick
"Come on, look at me!" Kellam, said in my hard mode file when he was tanking the final boss.
"Gregor smash!" self-explanatory who says this.
"Looks like Teach just got tenure!" Vaike
"How well will you die?" Lon'qu
"You will fall to the wayside!" Walhart
Basically all of Yen'fay's quotes, particularly "Now, we clash!"
Lucina's "Hope will never die!" and "I challenge my fate!"
Unsurprisingly, "I'm a man of passion!"
Most of Laurent's quotes, especially "Get thee hence!" and "You were a fine subject."

These are all the ones which spring to mind immediately.
English, proper and proud of it.

User Info: DominatedMind

3 years ago#23
Severa's 'Say goodnight!'
Maribelle's 'Troglodyte.'
Nowi's ever enthusiastic 'Okay.'
And Donny's country bumpkin phrases.

User Info: eliterogue99

3 years ago#24
"I'll kill you twice!" Sully
Owain's Battle cry
"Gregor Smash!"
3DS Gamertag: eliterogue
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