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Favorite letter of Olivia's name?

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  3. Favorite letter of Olivia's name?

User Info: Sacred_Arfaid

2 years ago#11
I'd like to change my answer to a letter that hasn't been made into a crude joke.

User Info: YayorNay

2 years ago#12
I'm convinced that the TC is ShadowofChaos (jk, but ShadowofChaos is pretty obsessed with Olivia).
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User Info: terminacarnival

2 years ago#13
V for Va-*is shot*.
Opinions of others are important so long as they do not conflict your own.

User Info: Zerdark

2 years ago#14
Spikaya posted...
Lylat_Cruiser posted...
A for ASSets

Yeah, I'd like to change my vote...
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User Info: zillas01

2 years ago#15
V. the two diagonal sides, so beautiful

User Info: ultima_Xemnas

2 years ago#16
I'll let you decide how serious I am
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  3. Favorite letter of Olivia's name?

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