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User Info: Aranvoid

3 years ago#41

And with hopes a lady who will become our love interest will join heheheh.
"I am the young Emperor,Serlen. Heir to the dragons, descendent of the Hero-Emperor,Ardlin."
"Yes,as heroic as he was,and foolish too."

User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#42
B, Life-debt it is! Welcome aboard, Symond the messenger-thief!

“When considering the ‘circumstances surrounding this notice’ as you said, coupled with your untimely attempt to relieve me of my goods, I’m going to have to ask that you accompany me for a little while. And by ‘ask’, I mean you don’t have any say in the matter. And when I say ‘a little while’, I mean for as long as I see fit. You can use the blade until I say otherwise, but I request that you hand over my purse and that letter of writ immediately.”

“Very well milord. Oddly enough, I suppose I can consider the first phase of this mission a success despite my current predicament.”

“Oh do you now.”

“Yes, of course! Now that I’m in milord’s company, surely you can send word to the other lords of the realm, warning them of the dangers of Walhart’s United Valmese Army.”

“Hold on. This Walhart you speak of, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard his name before even in passing. And when you say Valmese Army, do you imply an army intent on conquering the entire continent of Valm? Sounds like a rather grandiose ambition for one who was recently struggling against Arafelle.”

“Heavens, no milord, though I wish it were so! Lord Coterel but penned the letter on the second day of the siege. From reports I've gathered since then, it sounds like Arafelle was taken shortly thereafter. And as for the name, Walhart is the self-stylized emperor of the southern nation of Valm. It was a regrettably small country really, so small that if it hadn't shared its name with our continent, one might have forgotten its very existence. That has changed all too recently, I’m afraid.”

“You do realize that this isn't much to go off of. A self-proclaimed emperor from a minor territory goes and, here I mean no offense, conquers a duchy that paid little regard to its personal defenses. And you ask me to go up in arms over this? I think it’s far too soon to be considering such actions. I understand your stake in this, and that you must have a desire to avenge your people. But we have to act when the time is right. And I believe that time is yet to be.”

“What you say is indeed truth. Very well, milord”, a downcast Symond replies.

“Oh, and enough of this ‘milord’ business. I get enough of that from the castle help, and quite frankly, it grows tiresome. Edmond or Lord Edmond will suffice.”

“Certainly milor-erm, I mean Lord Edmond.”

“Actually, for now, forego any use of my name at all. See, I was on my way to the market square to verify a report I had heard regarding some mysterious happenings in Graav. As I don’t wish for the merchants to recognize me on sight, I’ll be going by 'Edwin'. To be safe, I’ll refer to you as Simon. Our story is that we’re cousins, traveling on holiday with a minor budget. That should be easy enough for you to remember.”

“Alright Edmon-ah, I mean Edwin. Oh, and about Graav, do you mean the rumors of the undead soldiers?”

“What do you know of that?”, you ask sharply.

“Precious little, I assure you. Story has it that they are the souls of those downed in the plague, or else bodies of the fallen from Walhart’s conquest reanimated by dark magics.”

“Well, a tip from my general has it that some of the merchants may hold some idea of what transpired.”

And with that, you and Symond have made your way into the town square. After taking a few moments to discuss, you and Symond decide to visit the following vendor first:

A. an elderly fortune teller who appears to wear the garb of a sorceress.
B. a gaudily-dressed merchant who specializes in rare items, seals and the like.
C. a weapons vendor who deals with custom orders from across the continent.
D. a haggard apothecary who offers a myriad of potions for sale. He also has a disturbing gleam in his eye.
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User Info: Dragonball9899

3 years ago#43
"I'm glad I have your blessing to make Children with your sister."

User Info: Aranvoid

3 years ago#44

With hopes we can pick up a second seal or master seal which may become useful.

After all we have an armory so we can just backtrack and equip ourselves.
"I am the young Emperor,Serlen. Heir to the dragons, descendent of the Hero-Emperor,Ardlin."
"Yes,as heroic as he was,and foolish too."

User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#45
Very minor nitpick: I'm certain you meant C was locked, not B.

With that said, B, for the chance at early stat boosters, seals, and boots.
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User Info: Ephraim8

3 years ago#46
B. Aran and Fawful convinced me

User Info: ryugin55

3 years ago#47
I blame the community...
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#48
3 Bs, 2 C's.

Anyone else care to vote?
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: Clithsby

3 years ago#49
I was going to vote A, but that obviously isn't going to win so B.

User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#50
Alright. It appears the current tally is 4Bs and 2 Cs.
I'm rather busy right now, but I'll try to update sometime early tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, as this is my first CYOA, I'm willing to accept a limited number of requests for OCs.
Also, as we're dealing with a rather scattered and otherwise nondescript geography within the continent of Valm, I'm also accepting submissions for smaller countries or independent nations that will have varying roles of prominence within this initial arc.

If you have any ideas, just post in this topic or contact me via PM.

And I'd like to thank all of you for support of this CYOA and I hope you are enjoying the narrative thus far!
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
If you add my FC, PM me so I can add you back.

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