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User Info: BrianTheLegend_

3 years ago#1
So I recently started reading some of these, and I enjoy them a lot, so I decided to try my hand at one. If it works, then great! If it fails, well, I'll blame it on the fact that it started Friday the 13th. Without any further ado, the Crystal Wars, ladies and gentlemen!

The kingdom of Alpea, a land blessed with lush wildlife and prosperous farms. King Francis Alpea III watches over the land the best he can, and there are not a lot of bandits as a result. You are one of those who work to keep the country safe, but without any ties to the kingdom. You are a mercenary, fighting with a man by the name of Captain Surge, and his team known as the Omega Force. Fighting to protect the people you find to line your pockets quite well. You are sitting in your room, in which you share with another mercenary, reading over some papers left by the Captain. Apparently, he's looking to spread operations some. Looking down at the paperwork before you, you can see your name, as well as some of your personal information. You see:

A) Brian, the hot-headed fighter of the Omega Force. Prides himself on his raw strength and always looks to save the damsel in distress, but is not so foolish as to think that many damsels are actually in distress these days... very rarely is seen with a shirt, and wears light brown shorts that pass just below the kness, and simple brown shoes. His red hair is always tied back, as to stay completely combat ready. After all, if there is a chance to show off, he'll take it. His eyes match the dark red hue of his hair.

B) Daisy, a priestess in service to the Omega force with the strange ability to cast thunder magic with her sacred staves. She is highly intelligent, and comes up with many plans around the Force. She has long blonde hair and a white dress that shows her conservativeness. Her pale blue eyes are brought out by the circlet she wears around her head. She can out do even the best theives with a map or a chart, but tends to stay rather quiet. Bragging about her skills is the last thing she would do, as she values truth and honesty above all else.

C) Raphael, the loud, obnoxious sword fighter with a big heart. He keeps his brown hair well-groomed, as he wants to look his best for the ladies! Everything his light brown eyes see is turned as positively as possible. His jovial personality keeps all those around him in high spirits, and this keeps him right where he likes to be: in the limelight. He wears a white shirt with brown pants and white shoes, so that he may stand out more than anyone else. A bit vain, but his heart is in the right place.

D) Terra, a young archer with an outgoing personality and is known for her incredible speed, able to outrun anyone she has raced before. She wears a white shirt that cuts off at the waist and a skirt to match, which nicely complements her straight white hair. She has hazel eyes, and is rather easily angered by people who doubt her abilities. She is quite skilled with a bow, and she likes to make sure everyone knows she doesn't need protecting. She is, after all, the renowned Quicksilver's daughter.
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User Info: OnlyAHero

3 years ago#2
Imma vote C.
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User Info: RigorMortex

3 years ago#3
I still have my eyes set on answer choice D
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User Info: Clithsby

3 years ago#4
D! We need an archer!

User Info: Dragonball9899

3 years ago#5
SpongeBob, why? Why did you set me on fire, SpongeBob?! Why didnt you just write your essay?!

User Info: Nineth_Lion

3 years ago#6
D, but promise me she will become a bow knight and not a Sniper.

User Info: Aranvoid

3 years ago#7
"I am Serlen,heir to the throne of Begonia and if this is my final stand so be it Ares."
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User Info: Chrizzel28

3 years ago#8
D, we're never really an archer, and I always like being a female protagonist more.
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User Info: BrianTheLegend_

3 years ago#9
Nineth_Lion posted...
D, but promise me she will become a bow knight and not a Sniper.

This will be done a liiitle bit differently than Awakening. It will be closer to Sacred stones, in that all classes have three branches. Main differences include the rider class, which includes Cavalier, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, and Wolfrider all in one, and they each can become either an Angel Knight (magic able and high mov), Great Knight (Small chance to negate bonus dmg), or Chaos Knight (third weapon type and high str). Pirates are second-tier thieves, with Assassain and knave(rogue) as the other tier 2 classes. Archers can become Dark Ranger (access to Bowbreaker skill with high def/low move), Sniper (high spd, bow range up), or Magic Archer (high Res, access to magic bows).

I'll leave voting open for a bit longer, though it looks like either C or D at this point.
"A one-mind ensemble is upon you." -Honors English, Cymbals on the Sidewalk
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#10
D. Definitely D.
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