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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#1
First off, thanks for all of your support!
If you wish to peruse its predecessor, go here:

To get you up to speed, here's a summary of the events thus far:

Ages have passed since the mighty continental empire of Valencia founded by Alm and Celica, renamed Valm in honor of the former, collapsed via internal turmoil. It remains in a minor but constant state of conflict among various nations. However, their relatively small sizes and competing interests serve as a natural check in the balance of power.

The young duke of one of these nations, Lord Edmond of Glasden hears an unsettling report from his general, Alys. She shares news of the bordering nation of Graav, whose people recently succumbed to a viral disease, causing the breakdown of law and order, particularly around its border. Concerned, Edmond makes plans to travel to the town marketplace disguised as a commoner to glean news from the particularly loquacious merchant community Glasden is home to. En route he is accosted by, and subsequently apprehends, a thief named Symond.

Symond reveals his occupation as a messenger of the nation of Arafelle, which had fallen to the newly-formed Valmese Empire led by Walhart the Conqueror more than a fortnight hence. His proof is a letter of writ from Duke Coterel of Arafelle which has been supposedly dispersed by several other messengers throughout the continent.

They make their way to the town square, where they encounter a red-haired merchant named Anna. But before they can ask her about Graav, a young mage named Bianca sent by General Alys informs Edmond of a bandit attack. Anna joins in, proving capable with both staff and blade. Together, the foursome successfully route the bandits who flee toward Graav.

Returning to his residence with his new companions in tow, Edmond holds a conference with Alys and her knights over how to proceed. Anna is dispatched to the town square for the original mission of gleaning information from the merchants and receives some intel and the promise of aid from two of them, Douglass and Rorick, provided that they in turn assist the people of Graav.

Meanwhile, Alys and Edmond agree to lead separate missions, with Alys serving as Glasden’s envoy to Chon’sin, one of the more powerful Valmese nations. Father Clarence and his Department of Magical Studies shall serve as Glasden’s defense in their absence. Edmond and his crew are to go to Graav to analyze the bandit situation and gather information on the nature of their blight. Before they leave, Alys has her squire, Lawrence, travel with Edmond’s crew, for the experience.

Heading out after securing a crate of merchandise from Rorick, which happens to contain a mysterious gemstone among other useful items, Edmond’s Adventures cross into Graav. They deal with threats from bandits, and peculiar undead zombie creatures dubbed ‘Risen’. In the latter encounter, they happen upon two cavaliers who are fighting for their lives; they are Levi, the son of Douglass the merchant, and his cousin Corin.

Having lost their homestead and Corin’s elder sister Maira in this latest Risen attack, the two cavaliers offer to lead Edmond’s crew into the heart of Graav, rumored to be the source of the disease.

Traveling through a rocky overpass to save time, they sense a tempest of foul energy, the source of which happens to be the Fell Dragon Grima, itself! Bringing them to their knees with a fraction of his power, Grima is suddenly forced to cease his assault by a mysterious energy radiating from the gemstone the company acquired in Graav. Forced to retreat, Grima teleports, but not before transforming into a white-haired human dressed in Plegian garb. In parting, he ‘gifts’ them with an army of Risen who are all armed to the teeth.

FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#2
Meanwhile, Alys sets out on her own mission, traveling with the myrmidon Micaela, the knight Walden, the priest Silas, and the fighter Hrathe. Skirting the border of the northern nation of Sugul, they are accosted by a patrol headed by a Feroxi-turned-Sugulian, Squad Commander Therius. But due to poor unit positioning, and the selective use of Silas’s Berserk Staff, Alys and company easily defeat Therius. Healing his remaining injured men, they travel to the Sugulian capital of Abdera to explain themselves to the Lord Chancellor.

Therius heads off to deliver a preliminary report to the enigmatic Lord Chancellor, leaving his four surviving knights to keep an eye on ‘Alys’s Alliance’. Suddenly a call-to-arms to defend the Main Gate is heard echoing throughout the city. They arrive at the scene to encounter a gigantic golden-scaled dragon who subsequently takes the form of a young woman. She introduces herself as ‘Jayla’ and explains that she is a pacifistic two-millennia-old ‘mage dragon’ and is among the last of her kind. She also states that her special dragonstone, or magestone, has grown fragile with use and is on the verge of breaking, thus restricting her to using tomes in her human form.

Through her ability to sense human intent, they realize that a Valmese vanguard is heading straight for Abdera, in significant force. But a freak sinkhole opens up under the heavily armed militants, swallowing half their company and reducing them to somewhat more manageable numbers. However, Abdera’s initial defense, consisting of aforementioned four-man squad of knights, quickly falls to the advancing myrmidons and their armorslayers.

Surprisingly distraught over the ensuing death and carnage, a helpless Silas activates his Berserk Staff, and using his own internal magical energy as collateral, forcibly extends its range to the perimeter of the invading squadron. Fainting from the taxing effort, he is unable to see the fruits of his labor.

But this is made readily apparent as the commanding officer of the vanguard, a wyvern knight, smashes through the main gate, burying several of his own men in rubble. Jayla, who is all but paralyzed first by the outpouring of dark energy from Silas, and then by fear as some of the debris falls toward her, is saved by Hrathe who goes to Alys’s aid against two of the fighters. Walden and the last Sugulian knight engage another fighter, while Micaela manages to take one out by herself.

Confronted by the last myrmidon, Jayla panics; her deep-rooted pacifistic nature takes hold, forcing her to flee from combat. Still, the myrmidon overtakes her, and takes her down with a slash to her legs. But before the swordsman can deliver the finishing blow, the wyvern knight, still under the influence of the berserk staff, kills him, before jointly succumbing to unconsciousness along with his wyvern.

Jayla too passes out, after suffering from a panic-attack caused by the adrenaline spike from her first battle in recent memory.

Sugulian General Horace arrives on the scene with reinforcements, only to find the battle already won. He has a bit of a history with Alys, as despite the fact that they were on opposite sides in the Four-Years War between Glasden and Sugul, he was impressed by her prodigious skills and shrewd diplomatic manner. Out of gratitude, he offers to pay for Jayla and Silas’s rehabilitation and is willing to have Micaela and Walden present at the interrogation of the now-captive wyvern knight. At Alys’s request, he also lets a member of his company, the young recruit Mathias, serve as an escort and an assurance against foul play.

Currently, Micaela and Walden have followed Horace and his men to an as-yet-unknown location within Sugul, while Alys, Hrathe, and Mathias are tasked with taking the unconscious Jayla and Silas to safety.
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#3
The Characters:

Edmond, Lancelord: lvl 3

21/ 6 / 0 / 7 / 8 / 12/ 7 / 3

Skills: Roulette: has a 25% chance to multiply luck by 1.5 and a 25% chance to multiply it by .75 per battle.

Items: Iron Lance (6 mt/85 hit/0 crit), Killer Lance (10 mt/ 85 hit/30 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: The duke of Glasden, the country has been greatly blessed during this lance-wielding duke’s reign. His goals are to repulse the threats from Graav and Valm and to restore peace to his land once more. The one with most volatile luck.
(potential reclasses: cavalier, knight)

Supports: Anna (C), Lawrence (C)

Symond, Thief: lvl 2

18/ 5 / 2 / 7 / 12 / 4 / 4 / 1

Steal: Has a 50% chance of stealing an enemy’s item. Has a (skl+luk)/3 chance of stealing an enemy’s weapon
Locktouch: Automatically opens any door that is not protected by wards

Items: Shortsword (3 mt /90 hit/15 crit) – prf (Symond), has 1-2 range (35 uses), x2 Vulnerary

Bio: A shifty character with a vague past, his mannerisms indicate past experience in dealing with nobility. Despite being reasonably good at responding in a crisis, he happens to be a poor tactician. While not very vengeful, he still seeks retribution for what Walhart did to his hometown of Arafelle. He has a habit of scratching his unruly brown hair or the nape of his neck while nervous. The worst debater in the army.
(Potential reclasses: archer, myrmidon)

Supports: Bianca (A)

Bianca, Mage: lvl 3

17 / 0/7+2/ 6 / 6 / 7 / 2 / 8

Magic +2: Provides +2 Mag

Items: Elfire (5 mt/85 hit/0 Crit), Jolting (3 mt/70 acc/5 crit) - has 3/8 range, Vulnerary

Bio: While only a neophyte of the magical arts, she is a mage of above-average skill. Seems to have a preference for fire based anima, but is quite adept with wind and thunder tomes as well. Orphaned at a young age, she insists that zombie-like creatures were the demise of her parents. The most likely to sleep with a night light.
(potential reclasses: troubadour, pegasus knight)

Supports: Symond (A)

Anna, Trickster: lvl 2

HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk /De/Re
32/12/16/15 /18/ 21/ 6 /12

Locktouch: Automatically opens any door that is not protected by wards
Wardbreaker: Opens enchanted doors. Has a (mag+luk)/2 chance of halving an enemy’s magical attack.

Items: Steel Sword, (8 mt/90 hit/0 Crit), Mysterious silver gemstone, Heal, Restore, Warp (Teleports an ally to a farther location), Vulnerary

Bio: A member of the Anna clan, who seeks to distinguish herself from the plethora of identical relatives. Is superior to most of them in both combat and magic and is (surprisingly) also more generous. The one who drives the hardest bargain.
(potential reclasses: mage, thief, archer)
(base class: Merchant-special class)

Supports: Edmond (B), Lawrence (C)

Lawrence, Mercenary: lvl 3

23/ 7 / 1 / 8 / 9 / 6 / 9 / 3

Fealty: Provides +5 Hit and Avoid to any Lord or promoted unit within proximity

Items: Iron Sword (5 mt/95 hit/0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: The new squire of General Alys. While lacking in raw experience, he makes up for it with his devotion and loyalty. Hailing from a long line of knights in service to Glasden, he feels pressured to uphold the family tradition, yet wants to make a name for himself in his own right. The best chef of his year’s recruits.
(potential reclasses: knight, archer)

Supports: Edmond (C), Anna (C)

FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
If you add my FC, PM me so I can add you back.

User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#4
Levi, Cavalier: lvl 2

21/ 7 / 1 / 8 / 7 / 5 / 7 / 2

Slow Burn: Hit and Avoid are gradually increase to +15 by the end of battle.

Items: Iron Sword (5 mt/95 hit/0 crit)

Bio: The seventeen year-old son of Douglass the merchant. A prodigy with the blade, he helped his father by protecting his wares. His mother passed in his fifth year, and since then had looked up to his older cousin Maira, the shepherdess as a maternal figure. When he learned of her death at the claws of Risen, he embarked on a mission to avenge her. Normally calm and collected like his father, this recent tragedy may have been the last straw. The one with the greatest dislike of lances.
(potential reclasses: knight, mage)

Supports: Corin (C)

Corin, Cavalier: lvl 2

Base: 22/ 8 / 0 / 7 / 8 / 6 / 8 / 1

Quick Burn: Hit and Avoid are +15 at battle’s start. Effect gradually decreases

Items: Bronze Sword (3 mt/95 hit/0 crit), Bronze Lance (3 mt/95 hit /0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: The eighteen year-old younger brother of the late Maira, he and Levi are as close as brothers. Unlike his green-haired cousin, he doesn’t excel at either the lance or the blade, but is competent with both. With hair like a firebrand and a temper to match, he persuaded Levi to assist him in his quest to avenge Maira. The one with the oddest temperament.
(potential reclasses: fighter, dark mage)

Supports: Levi (C)

Alys, Hero: lvl 1

32/17/ 6 / 19 /18/ 14/15/ 9

Patience: Hit and Avoid are +10 when an enemy attacks.
Counter: Allows the user to reflexively parry an enemy’s melee attack

Items: Hammer (10 mt/60 hit/0 crit), Silver Sword (11 mt/85 hit /0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: This twenty four-year-old general of Glasden rose to fame for her outstanding service in the Four-Years-War several years prior. Her tactical insights and skill with the axe and the blade rivaled warriors many years her senior. These prodigious talents led to her significant contributions in ceasing the border feud between Glasden and their northern neighbor, Sugul. The most punctual member of the army.
(potential reclasses: mercenary [base], knight, archer)

Walden, Knight: lvl 4

20/ 9 / 1 / 7 / 4 / 3 /11+2/ 2

Skills: Defense +2: Provides +2 defense

Items: Iron Lance (6 mt/85 hit/0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: Walden is usually silent and takes his duties extremely seriously. Having been put up for adoption at infancy due to his parents being unable to care for him, his one goal is to distinguish himself in the eyes of the people and earn the recognition he so desperately craves. The one with the greatest appreciation of nature.
(potential reclasses: barbarian, cavalier)

Hrathe, Fighter: lvl 1

23/ 9 / 0 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 5 / 0

Skills: N/A:

Items: Iron Axe (7 mt/80 hit/0 crit)

Bio: A reckless young man who enjoys fighting and voluntarily joined Glasden’s military forces because of it. Originally a bare-knuckles brawler, relying on ‘equal parts skill and luck to survive’ as he calls it, Hrathe prefers the axe for its heftiness and ability to deal heavy damage. The one with the least weapons experience.
(potential reclasses: barbarian, wyvern rider)

FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#5
Micaela, Myrmidon: lvl 3

18/ 7 / 1 / 9 / 11/ 7 / 6 / 3

Skills: Avoid +10: Provides +10 to the unit’s total Avoid

Items: Shieldreaver (6 mt/85 hit/5 crit), Effective against Armored units, Vulnerary

Bio: A young woman who possesses great skill with the blade, Micaela seeks to honor her forefathers who fought and died in Glasden’s service. She seeks to prove that she is just as capable as her extremely skilled ancestors with the Shieldreaver, a blade that has been passed down through her family for generations. The least likely to surrender.
(potential reclasses: cavalier, mercenary)

Silas, Priest: lvl 2

17/ 1 / 5 / 6 /5 / 8 / 2 / 4

Miracle: Has a (luck %) chance to survive a lethal hit with 1 HP left.

Items: Heal (30 uses), Vulnerary, Berserk Staff (8 uses)

Bio: An acolyte of Father Clarence’s Department of Magical Studies, his strong potential with healing magic saw him inducted as a priest rather than as a mage which he had preferred. In his spare time, he tends to experiment with different magical phenomena producing various, and sometimes hazardous results! The one with the greatest thirst for the unknown.
(potential reclasses: dark mage, thief)

Jayla, Manakete (Mage-Dragon): lvl 1

18/ 2 / 6 / 3 /5 / 8 / 2 / 4

Bond: Gradually restores 10 HP to all allies within the user’s immediate vicinity.
Natural Rhythm: Senses one’s true intentions (luck+skill)%

Items: Fire (6 mt/90 hit/0 crit) (45 uses), Vulnerary,
Magestone (8 mt/ 80 hit/ 0 crit) (10 uses) Provides Str +4, Mag +7, Skl +2, Spd +3, Def +6, Res+9

Bio: A somewhat young manakete who’s only a couple millennia old. She grew up during the era of Naga’s pact with the first Exalt and knew of his exploits from afar. Having made her home in southern Valm over the past few centuries, she was driven out when Valmese soldiers attempted to capture her in dragon form, believing her to be Tiki. Despite her appearance, she is in fact not a divine dragon, but one of the last of the Mage Dragons in either Valm or Ylisse. She joined Alys's Alliance despite her pacifistic nature in order to prevent Walhart's despotic empire from spreading. The one with the greatest zest for life.
(potential reclasses: mage, wyvern rider)

Other Notable Persons:

-Therius: A defeated Squad Commander of Sugul. Originally hailed from Regna Ferox. Currently in audience with the Lord Chancellor.
-Horace: A leading general of Sugul’s military. Knew General Alys from when they discussed the terms of the treaty that concluded the Four-Years War between Sugul and Glasden. A tall, dark-skinned man who easily commands the loyalty of his troops. Currently interrogating the captive Valmese wyvern knight.
-The Lord Chancellor: An enigmatic man of dubious morals who seems to be the ruling authority in Sugul. Currently in conference with Squad Commander Therius
-Mathias: A young somewhat overzealous Sugulian cavalier under the direct command of General Horace. Currently accompanying Jayla and Hrathe to The Oasis.
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#6
Alright. Sorry, if that was too much text. Anyway, back to the plot, where we are currently following Alys, Hrathe, and Mathias as they seek aid for the fallen Jayla and Silas

“Hey, Mathias! How far do we have to go to get to this Oasis place or whatever?”, Hrathe hollers staggering a little with an unconscious Silas slung over his shoulder. “Not that I’m getting tired or anything mind you, but this priest ain’t no lightweight.”

“Hrathe keep your voice down!”, Alys hisses sharply at him. “Remember Horace instructed that our presence at The Oasis was not to be made public knowledge.”

“Sorry boss…”

“Permission to answer, General Alys, sir.”, murmurs Mathias.

“Permission granted, Mathias. I’d tell you not to be so formal, but…”

“My knightly vows command that I must.”, Mathias interjects emphatically. Realizing what he’s just done, he starts stammering nervously. “Oh Naga! My apologies for interrupting you, sir! What punishment do you deem fit for such unruly behavior?”

“… Punishment? For accidentally interrupting me? Heh, don’t worry about it. All that matters at this point is getting these two treated as quickly as possible. How’s Jayla holding up?”

“It’s tough to say sir, seeing as I haven’t had any formal medical training as a priest or whatnot. But she seems to be quite warm, abnormally so, if I might venture an opinion.”

“It may be a fever, brought on by the sudden trauma of being forced into battle.”, Alys frowns, her expression downcast. “It was my order that led to this. I bear responsibility…”

“Not really, boss!”, Hrathe interjects. “Jayla offered to fight, even though she knew she wouldn’t be good at it. It’s not your fault at all.”

“Hmm…”, Alys mutters. “This necessitates further inquiry, which will have to wait until these two are sufficiently treated. Lead the way, Mathias.”

“Yes sir”, he says dutifully.

While they head along the winding twists and turns of the inner city, Alys mentally makes a note of the route they took thus far as well as any likely side exits, just in case. As they travel further, the lights grow dimmer, the buildings shoddier, and even the cobblestones are more torn up, and simply give way to dirt in some places. They eventually arrive at a shack-like building with torches on either side, the roof partially caving in. A series of wrought-iron letters spelling out ‘The Oasis’ visible is above the doorway, the ‘a’ in ‘Oasis’ half falling off.

“This is the place?”, Alys asks dubiously.

“Apparently so sir, though I’ve never visited this location before, myself.”

Hesitantly, Alys goes to the oaken door and knocks, startled as the apparently unlocked slab of wood silently opens before them.
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#7
“Hello! Hello! How are you?”, a old shrilly voice calls from within. “Come in! Come in! Don’t be shy!” The owner of the mysterious voice enters their line of sight, revealing itself to be a slightly wrinkled silver-haired elderly woman in priestess’s robes.

“Beg pardon, ma’am, but who are you?”, Alys asks.

“Aha! You must be new here! I am known by many names, young ones. You can call me what my other customers do: Madam Luna.”

“Very well… Madam Luna. You’re a healer yes? I was told you’d be able to treat my companions here.”

“I suppose you can call me a healer, although I prefer to be known as an apothecary of sorts. What I do is far more potent mind you! Oh never mind the ramblings of an old lady”, she says with a wag of her finger, clucking her tongue. “Yes, yes! I can heal these two up right nicely! Follow me!”

Heading to the back of the room, the apothecary brushes aside a plain brown floor mat to reveal a small trapdoor. Madam Luna waves the company over and hesitantly, they descend into the passage. After a few minutes of walking through the completely enclosed passage, they happen upon a locked steel door. Presenting a key from somewhere out of her flowing robes, Madam Luna undoes the locks and ushers them all inside.

What sight awaits them?
A. An underground spring, bubbling with soothing water
B. A musty storage room with an overwhelming scent of herbs
C. An empty field, that’s for all intents and purposes visibly barren and devoid of life
D. A mausoleum, shrines of the dead dotting the landscape
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: unknownuber

3 years ago#8
Unown will be Uber-Tier one of these days....

User Info: ryugin55

3 years ago#9
I'm gonna assume that what we pick chooses if she helps or betrays us, and how she does either option...

I blame the community...
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User Info: Chrizzel28

3 years ago#10

I've played enough Kid Icarus to be obsessed with hot springs.
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