skills help for Tharja, Ricken, Sully and Lon'qu.

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  3. skills help for Tharja, Ricken, Sully and Lon'qu.

User Info: tiggereric

3 years ago#1
I have few questions.

Right now I have Tharja at level 16 sorcerer. Only classes she been though are dark mage, dark knight and sorcerer. Does she need other skills out side of that? What will be a final class for her?

Also Ricken is at level 15 dark knight. He is been though mage, sage, and dark knight. does he need a dual Guard + skill from great knight?

What will be good skills for Sully and Lon'qu?

User Info: Aninymous3

3 years ago#2
Ricken has access to so many great skills, due to cavalier. But, that's a lot of levelling and grinding, and he's going to need Paragon by that point just to gain level-ups at a decent rate. It's only worth it if you love Ricken and want to use him a lot, or if his potential daughter needs one of those skills.

Tharja likes to have Luna, but otherwise she is probably fine. Vengeance activates on nearly every attack, so it will do.

Sully wants to be a paladin. Getting Luna from Great Knight at level 5 and then switching out of that class at 10 is fine, if you're not going to use her as much later on. Dual Guard + is always great for any husband and wife pairs that you use regularly, especially on harder difficulties. On Normal it doesn't matter much.

Lon'Qu wants Swordmaster skills more than anything. Lethality from Assassin is fine, as well as Swordbreaker from Wyvern Lord. They aren't necessary, though. Myrmidon to Swordmaster has arguably the best stand alone skill set, besides Lord and Tactician.
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  2. Fire Emblem: Awakening
  3. skills help for Tharja, Ricken, Sully and Lon'qu.

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