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User Info: Sentinel07

3 years ago#11
Personally, until I see some real concrete proof, I don't believe that all the countries even take place in the same dimension.

We know that Jugdral and Archanea/Ylisse are together, but I have yet to see that Elibe, Magvel, and Tellius exist with them too. So, until then, I consider them all to be in separate dimensions.

User Info: Pepsi_Al

3 years ago#12
Ranulf13 posted...
Because there wa supposed to not be anything aside from Tellius above the water?
Lol @ implying that Archanea and Tellius are in the same world when Tellius is explicitly stated by multiple characters (Chrom, as mentioned earlier, and Einherjar!Micaiah) to be in a world entirely separate from Archanea. It's literally and entirely possible to assume Ike managed to find an Outrealm Gate during his travels.

RJWalker243 posted...
Not possible. The dragons in Elibe function differently from the dragons in Archanea, most notably, Mage (Demon) Dragons.

In Elibe, Demon Dragons are corrupted Divine Dragons. In Archanea, Demon Dragons are their own subspecies with no direct connection to Divine Dragons aside from the obvious 'both are dragons'.
Adding to that, the (only) Demon Dragon on Elibe seems to have more in common with Earth Dragons than it does with Mage Dragons in spite of having been created from a Divine Dragon.

Jahn also states that Elibian Dragons don't feel emotions
Which is blatantly contradicted by Fae, how Jahn describes Idun before she became the Demon Dragon, and the fact that Ninian, Nils, Sophia, and other Manakete/Human hybrids on Elibe all exist. Which does admittedly imply that Jahn is indeed a War Dragon himself, though he doesn't care to admit it.

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#13
Awakening seems to strongly set-up a multiverse for the Fire Emblem games, and a rather complex one at that. I am curious to see how/if future games will expand on it.

A lot video games seem to be jumping on the many-world interpretation bandwagon. I don't mind at all. :)
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

3 years ago#14
Tellius has been mentioned to be in a separate world from Ylisse's world several times in Awakening, such as in Priam's Paralogue and some DLC chapters (recruiting Micaiah and Celica in particular).

Regarding Magvel, Chrom says this in Smash Brethren 2, which implies that Magvel existed sometime in the history of Ylisse's world:
A card? Hmm... "Eirika, Restoration Queen." She's the queen from the old Magvelian tales, isn't she?

Pretty sure Elibe's separate, with the main reason being Tiki and Nah's Supports claiming Nah to be the first half-human half-dragon child, when there were already a few instances of that in Elibe.

User Info: NewbieN00b

3 years ago#15
RJWalker243 posted...

Jahn also states that Elibian Dragons don't feel emotions much which is not true for Archanean Dragons.

Fae, Idoun(More implied, as the elder in the village was very concerned for her emotional development, and a simple laugh seems like more than Jahn would ever muster), Aenir, Ninian and Nils kinda shows this is BS, or something the writers didn't portray right.

(But yeah, most of FE6 similarities are form it being an essentially ripoff of FE1, and not necessarily connected, I agree with this)
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User Info: NewbieN00b

3 years ago#16
RJWalker243 posted...
There is no single time line

The games aren't meant to be for into one time line. Any attempt to do so is futile. To many subtle but significant inconsistencies.

I'm pretty sure FE1-5 are intended to be in the same timeline (inconsistencies aside, particularly FE5...)

Loptyr being from Archanea is too big of a linking factor to disqualify the connection.

(But yeah, Awakening just tossed everything into a multiverse... thing... IDK.)
3DS FC: 4596-9460-1427

User Info: RJWalker243

3 years ago#17
Awakening's attempt to connect all games is sloppy at best. FE1-5 and 13 are a single timeline, FE6-7 are another, FE8 is on its own. FE9-10 are also separate.

Attempting to fit 6-10 into Archanea is stupid. Tear Ring Saga (aka the Fire Emblem ripoff made by Shouzo Kaga on the Playstation) fits in the Archanea timeline far more than any actual FE game from 6 to 10.
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