Day 24: The Best Class for this Unit: Cherche

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User Info: YayorNay

3 years ago#1
Hey all. Today I just found the cutest little spider, until it bit me... Wonder if it'll give me spider powers and an inexplicable attraction to Kirsten Dunst? Anyways, feeling kind of weak with poison or spider powers, so let's get a move on with the rules:

Do not base this off of personal preference. It's not going to be if you hate the class or not.
Whichever class gets the most votes will be "the best class" by popular opinion.
This will be counted for both main-game and post-game (Assume the unit only uses this class with your choice of the unit's available skills for the whole game).
You may choose the weapon the unit holds, the weapon can be used as an argument only and only if the unit can use the weapon (Celica's Gale is used by sage but cannot be used by Hero).
Troll votes will be ignored, for example if a troll states that Mercenary is better than Hero, his vote will not be counted unless valid, logical reasons are given.
We will assume there are no pair ups or tonics to avoid confusion.
Default stats will be used for MU.
All stats will be maxed, with or without limit breaker.

Day 1 MaMU: Sage Runner-Up: Sorcerer
Day 2 FeMU: Grandmaster/Dark Flier No Runner-Up
Day 3 Chrom: Paladin Runner-Up: Dread Fighter
Day 4 Lissa: Valkyrie Runner-Up: Sage
Day 5 Frederick: Paladin Runner-Up: Great Knight, Honourable Mention: Wyvern Lord (I believe that due to the Jeigan archetype, this class lost as people usually leave Frederick to remain as a Great Knight)
Day 6 Sully: Paladin Runner-Up: Assassin
Day 7 Virion: Sniper Runner-Up: Sage
Day 8 Vaike: Hero/Berserker No Runner-Up
Day 9 Stahl: Paladin Runner-Up: Assassin
Day 10 Miriel Sage Runner-Up: Dark Knight
Day 11 Sumia RaNDM_G made this topic if you're looking for it: Dark Flier Runner-Up: Bride
Day 12 Kellam?: Assassin Runner-Up: Great Knight
Day 13 Lon'qu: Assassin Runner-Up: Dread Fighter
Day 14 Ricken: Sage Runner-Up: Dark Knight
Day 15 Maribelle: Valkyrie Runner-Up: Sage
Day 16 Panne: Assassin Runner-Up: Wyvern Lord
Day 17 Gaius: Assassin Runner-Up: Hero
Day 18 Cordelia: Hero Runner-Up: Dark Flier
Day 19 Nowi: Wyvern Lord Runner-Up: Manakete Honourable Mention: Sage (Some people said to put this up as an honourable mention on the thread and I quite agree)
Day 20 Gregor: Hero Runner-Up: Berserker
Day 21 Tharja: Sorcerer Runner-Up: Dark Knight and Bride
Day 22 Libra: Sorcerer Runner-Up: Sage
Day 23 Olivia: Counting this one's winner was easier to do than Pamela Anderson. Obvious Dancer winner is really obvious (this one was the most unanimous, in fact about everyone except one voted for dancer). Runner-up dat ass... assassin I mean. She really didn't want to do that!

Day 25 I'll be watching the sky and be absolutely flabbergasted as blood snow falls down. Henry Claus is coming to town.

Cherche has 3 branches of classes like everyone else, Wyvern Rider, Cleric, and Troubadour. I'm not sure why she has such a huge strength growth and like 4 promoted classes that are literally (mostly) magic based, but whatever. She gets Renewal, Tomefaire, Dual Support+, Deliverer, Lancebreaker, and Swordbreaker. I'm going with Wyvern Lord simply not to waste the huge strength mod, as well as to help fly around her husbando.
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User Info: Faellin

3 years ago#2
Her reclass options are a mess, Everyone knows this, so Wryvern lord obviously, Just take a few key skills from the other classes and she makes a nice support unit.
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User Info: Ownagepuffs

3 years ago#3
Freaking IS giving a physical unit 2 magic classes. Ugh.

Gonna give this one to Wyvern Lord

Valkyrie Runner up
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User Info: WhenDragonsFli

3 years ago#4


Wyvern Lord all the way, I'd go WYVERN LORD for runnerup and a mention to WYVERN LORD.


Griffon Rider for runnerup.

User Info: SpellcraftQuill

3 years ago#5
Worst options ever. She doesn't even give Gerome one of the recommended classes for him or Galeforce. Might as well go Wyvern Lord then Griffin Rider.
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User Info: sunstorm298

3 years ago#6
Wyvern Lord. Runner up to War Cleric for me because it doesn't waste her strength and it's always nice to have someone else capable of healing.

User Info: DragonKnight387

3 years ago#7
Wyvern Lord. Practically forced on you if you want her conversations to make sense.

Remember in Shadow Dragon where an unpromoted Wyvern Lord was a Pegasus Knight? The Peg Knight tree really should be in there.
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User Info: dweorg

3 years ago#8
This one SHOULD be about as unanimous as the last one. Wyvern Lord. Runner up Griffon Rider (only time I'll ever say that) just because it can fly and therefor be used as a taxi. War Cleric comes in third, because at least she's not useless here.

User Info: Ownagepuffs

3 years ago#9
Cherche has a +0 Mag mod so she can actually perform well in one of her magic classes. Valkyrie takes advantage of this and gets around her negative speed mod since Valkyrie is a very fast class. And its mounted, meaning she can still play taxi.

The more you know, guys.
".....It's fine, Mr. Wright... Even a bluff would suit me just fine... As long as you can... ..clear up this doubt inside me!"
-Apollo Justice

User Info: Blademaster_Aio

3 years ago#10
Wyvern Lord, runner up war cleric.

Because war cleric uses axes. Plus she can use the rescue staff, as an added bonus.
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