Who Would Win? Day 6: Formortiis vs. Grima

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User Info: unknownuber

3 years ago#1
Similar to Aranvoid's Dueling Challenge except it's between 2 People from different FE games a day...
A Couple Rules
- You can use any Criteria for your predictions (Stats, Story, etc)
- You can request some matchups as well
- You Can Request only one matchup at a time unless you want to vote for an already nominated Matchup
- The Matchup with the most votes gets more priority in being the next Matchup
- The theoretical situation is strictly 1v1 and no outside support from anyone else.

Previous Winners:
Day 1 (Colm vs. Gaius) Winner: Gaius
Day 2 (Lyn vs. Eirika) Winner: Lyn
Day 3 (Raven vs. Gerik) Winner: Gerik
Day 4 (Jaffar vs. Volke) Winner: Volke
Day 5 (Myrrh vs. Nowi) Winner: Myrrh

Today's Match up is Formortiis (FE8) vs. Grima (FE13) and was the most nominated matchup so far....
I'll refrain from voting myself on this one.
This should be interesting....

Currently Nominated Matchups
2 Nominations:
Gharnef vs. Validar
Gangrel vs. Walhart
Nergal vs. Gharnef

1 Nomination:
Rutoga/Rutger (FE6) vs. Guy (FE7)
Marth FE11 vs. Marth FE12
Marcus (FE7) vs. Seth (FE8)
Chrom vs. Sigurd
Hector vs Ephriam
Rutger vs. Joshua
Pent vs. Levin
Amelia vs. Est
Caeda vs. Sumia
Micaiah vs. Celica
Anri vs. Heim
Unown will be Uber-Tier one of these days....

User Info: Expelsword

3 years ago#2
Formortis can't hurt Grima.

If anything, Grima convinces him? to work together.
The fight will never stop.

User Info: Ephraim8

3 years ago#3
Formortiis would win. Here's why

Formortiis has 120 hp on easy, vs Grima's 80 on I think all difficulties. I dunno 4 sure
Formortiis has a sleep spell, which puts Grima to sleep (duh)
While Grima is asleep, Formortiis can whittle his hp away with Ravager and Demon light
Grima has to teleport allies in, while Formortiis can CREATE monsters.
Even if Grima makes Risin, They are just normal classes, while Formortiis's monsters are classes of their own (i.e. Draco Zombie, whose attacks negate res. and def., Wight, Maeludin(or something),Gwyllgi, Elder Bael, Arch Mogal, Cyclops, Gorgons.)
Even If Formortiis has lower stats, he's got the materials to turn any battle around
And besides all of that, Formortiis is The KING of Demons, hence his class, Demon King.
Heck, Formortiis can take control of people. (Wouldn't It be funny if he left Grima with 1 hp, took control of him, and took over the world, using both their combined powers. Well, funny for us, not the people in the game.)
And finally because of the fact that FE 8 >>>>> FE 13

And I second Ephraim vs Hector
It's a fact of life.....

User Info: ryugin55

3 years ago#4

Grims is copy-paste villain
Formoltis knows just how to hurt someone, either physically or mentally

And let's look at history,
Formoltis took armies upon armies to seal away
Grims was taken down by one guy
I cans be hero too?

User Info: Rockstar_Bob

3 years ago#5
ryugin55 posted...

Grims is copy-paste villain
Formoltis knows just how to hurt someone, either physically or mentally

And let's look at history,
Formoltis took armies upon armies to seal away
Grims was taken down by one guy

But not just any ole' guy, Grima got taken down by his own self. xD "I am a God, come from the future to take over myself and become a God agai-- Oh~ I just got killed by myself. ...Great, I'll never hear the end of this one. -_-"

Meanwhile, Formy's over here just breaking balls and raising an army of monsters and stuff. Laughing at Awakening because it doesn't have a Tower of Death and Game Overs. :V
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User Info: ryugin55

3 years ago#6
*looks at nominations*
Who is helm?

Nominating a Marth battle royal
Nominating family Marth (anri, math, chrom, etc) vs family Ike (Ike griel, mist, etc)
I cans be hero too?

User Info: Segmented Odin

Segmented Odin
3 years ago#7
Grima wins it. Status effects never work on final bosses so Nightmare would be worthless, he has a massive size advantage over Formy, has stronger minions (Risen > Monsters), Pavise+ halves damage from Monster weapons, and he has Rightful God and Ignis.

User Info: AmalCassel36

3 years ago#8
Grima is about the same size as Plegia, while Formortiis could fit inside the black temple with room to move around. In a full on, Godzilla brawl Grima wins. You guys are forgetting that the stats of "Grima" are of the Evil Robin on Grima's back, not necessarily the gigantic dragon.
"I'm mad, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore"

User Info: Pepsi_Al

3 years ago#9
Voting for the Lovecraftian Monstrosity. Because, seriously. How DO you manage to take down something the size of an empire without something like divine intervention? Plus, the guy is pretty much FE's Exdeath. Not to mention, Fomortiis is weak to Bishops, Myrrh's Dragonstone, and every single legendary in his game sans Gleipnir, and can be beaten by some guys AT BASE. While Grima's just weak to Falchion, Waste, Celica's Gale, and Braves, and base level isn't enough to take him down.

User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

3 years ago#10
Sacred Stones implied you needed a sacred stone to kill Formortiis, he was just too tough otherwise. You can look at his stat caps and see what they were talking about: his caps are so large they actually double the bars. We don't really know the full extent of his power, but I'm guessing it's pretty terrifying. I'm going to go with Formortiis at full power, and Grima when he's weakened.

ryugin55 posted...
Who is helm

You mean Heim? He's the leader of the twelve crusaders.

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