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User Info: ryugin55

3 years ago#61
Endgame posted...
playable unit Endgame

stat modifiers: +3 Str, +3 Mag, +3 Skl, +3 Spd, -5 Luk, +3 Def, +3 Res

base class: Emperor

class set: Emperor, Cavalier, Mage

notes: starts out with Gradivus and Valflame, has Ignis and Lancefaire despite lack of access to Tactician and Pegasus Knight

DLC chapter boss Endgame:

(stats depend on difficulty, the low end are stats on Normal, the high end are stats on Lunatic +)

HP: 80-99
Str: 50-99
Mag: 50-99
Skl: 50-99
Spd: 50-99
Luk: 45-99
Def: 50-99
Res: 50-99

equipment: Gradivus, Valflame


Normal and Hard:

Ignis, Tomefaire, Lancefaire


Ignis, Tomefaire, Lancefaire, Pavise

Lunatic +:

Ignis, Tomefaire, Lancefaire, Pavise+, Aegis+

And once recruited you automatically S rank Lissa, if Lissa is already S ranked then the husband divorces Lissa to make it work
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User Info: mschampdude

3 years ago#62
I would start as a Lodestar (Star Lord) because I can I was mimicking the Lord and fought like it my village soon it Was attacked in paralouge chapter But its around chapter 17 so I'm very underleveled But I have for some reason Astra Lethality Miracle Aptitude and Sol And 95% Hp growth So I get caught up with everyone really fast and become kinda op but my defense cap is low at 21 I join chrom as fast as I can too so I can see a hero!
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