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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#1
Hey, we've finally hit topic #3. Thank you everyone for your support! To view the previous topics, go here:

Serendipity Part 1:
Serendipity Part 2:

And here's the obligatory summary Check previous threads to provide a more detailed summary of earlier events:

Ages have passed since the mighty continental empire of Valencia founded by Alm and Celica, renamed Valm in honor of the former, collapsed via internal turmoil. It remains in a minor but constant state of conflict among various nations. However, their relatively small sizes and competing interests serve as a natural check in the balance of power.

The young duke of one of these nations, Lord Edmond of Glasden hears an unsettling report from his general, Alys, causing him to depart to Graav to patrol the border against bandits and the undead. Meanwhile she leads an envoy to Chon'sin to seek diplomatic aid against the looming threat of Walhart's invasion.

While gaining numerous allies, including Symond a messenger-thief from the fallen dukedom of Arafelle, Anna the merchant, and the cavalier cousins Levi and Corin, among others, Edmond battles bandits, slays the undead, and even confronts an incarnation of Grima itself!

Elsewhere, Alys's Alliance consisting of herself, Hrathe the fighter, Micaela the myrmidon, Walden the knight, Silas the priest, and Jayla the mage-dragon (manakete) have defended the neighboring country of Sugul and its capital of Abdera from an invasion by a Valmese vanguard who had been apparently warped to that location by Excellus, the Valmese tactician.

The leader of the invasion, Frey, is captured and imprisoned along with his wyvern, Michalis. But both escape through the aid of the mysterious 'Crimson'. Frey subsequently meets up with Alys's group where he explains that he was a Valmese political dissident sent on this suicide mission.

Meanwhile, Jayla had been treated by the apothecary, Madam Luna, a practitioner of elder magic. But the elder engergies clashed with Jayla's divine dragon heritage, forcing her into a comatose state. Fighting a battle in her 'inner sanctum', through the guidance of Naga, Jayla emerges mostly victorious, having subconsciously accepted the darkness within her, granting her the Shadowgift ability.

Now, Edmond's Adventurers have stormed a bandit fortress to rescue the kidnapped Edmond and Lawrence who subsequently escaped and met up with Dale, an escaped tomboyish villager, and Qorl, a simple-minded but goodhearted son of the bandit leader. Having triggered a minor trap, Edmond and company dealt with a peculiar 'soulless' variety of Risen that simply dissolved upon contact. They are presently fortifying their position in a nearby corridor as they await the bandits' attack.
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: Chrizzel28

3 years ago#2
Congraturations on reaching the third topic.
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#3
The Characters:

Edmond, Lancelord: lvl 4
Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 22 / 6 / 0 / 7 / 8 / 13/ 7 / 3

Rate: 80/55/10/45/50/80/45/35

Roulette: has a 10% chance to increase luck by a multiple of 1.5, or a 10% chance to half it per battle.

Iron Lance (6 mt/85 hit/0 crit), Killer Lance (10 mt/ 85 hit/30 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: The duke of the small but prosperous land of Glasden, the land has been greatly blessed throughout this up-and-coming duke’s reign. His current motivations are to repulse the threats from the western and southern borders from Graav and Valm and to restore peace to his land once more. The one with most volatile luck.
(potential reclasses: cavalier, knight)

Symond, Thief: lvl 4
Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 19 / 6 / 2 / 8 / 14 / 4 / 4 / 3

Rate: 65/45/30/55/65/45/35/30

Steal: Has a 50% chance of stealing an enemy’s item.
Has a (skl+luk)/3 chance of stealing an enemy’s weapon
Locktouch: Automatically opens any door that is not protected by wards

Shortsword (3 mt / 90 acc / 15 crit) – prf (Symond), has 1-2 range, x2 Vulnerary

Bio: A shifty character with a vague past, his mannerisms indicate some past experience in dealing with nobility and other members of high society. Despite being reasonably quick-witted and good at responding in a crisis, he happens to be a poor tactician. While not ruled by vengeance, he still seeks retribution for what Walhart did to his hometown of Arafelle. He has a habit of scratching his unruly brown hair or the nape of his neck while nervous. The worst debater in the army.
(Potential reclasses: archer, myrmidon)

Bianca, Mage: lvl 4
Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 18 / 0/8+2/ 6 / 7 / 8 / 2 / 9

Rate: 60/25/65/55/55/45/35/60

Magic +2: Provides +2 Mag

Elfire (5 mt/85 hit/0 Crit), Jolting (3 mt/70 acc/5 crit)- has 3/8 range, Vulnerary

Bio: Despite being a neophyte of the magic arts, she is a mage of above-average skill. Seems to have a preference for fire elemental-based spells, but is quite adept with wind and thunder anima as well. Orphaned at a young age, she insists that zombie-like creatures were the demise of her parents. The most likely to sleep with a night light.
(potential reclasses: troubadour, pegasus knight)

Anna, Trickster: lvl 4

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk /De/Re
Base: 33/14/ 17/ 16/18/22 / 7 / 13

Rate: 75/40/55/60/55/65/35/50

Locktouch: Automatically opens any door that is not protected by wards
Wardbreaker: Opens enchanted doors.
Has a (mag+luk)/2 chance of halving an enemy’s magical attack.
(tomes, magestones, levin swords/bolt axes/shocksticks etc.)

Steel Sword, (8 mt/90 hit/0 Crit), Heal (Restores Mg+5 to an ally), Warp (Teleports an ally unit to a farther location), Vulnerary

Bio: A member of the Anna clan, this merchant has slightly more combat experience than her sister working the Outrealm Gate. She’s also slightly more magically-inclined than her siblings and is (surprisingly) also more generous. The one who drives the hardest bargain.
(potential reclasses: thief [base], mage, archer)

FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: Aranvoid

3 years ago#4
Yep, congrats.
Official Emperor-King of the board.
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#5
Lawrence, Mercenary: lvl 4
Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 24 / 7 / 1 / 8 /10/ 6 / 9 / 3

Rate: 95/60/10/70/50/45/50/20

Fealty: Provides +5 Hit and Avoid to any Lord or promoted unit within proximity

Iron Sword (5 mt/95 hit/0 crit), Dread Scroll, Second Seal, Earth Seal, x1 Vulnerary

Bio: The newly appointed squire of General Alys, what he lacks in battle experience, he makes up for it with devotion and loyalty. Hailing from a long line of Gladonian knights , he feels pressured to uphold the family tradition, yet wants to make a name for himself in his own right. The best chef of his year’s recruits.
(potential reclasses: knight, archer)

Levi, Cavalier: lvl 2

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 21/ 8 / 3 / 9 / 8 / 6 / 8 / 2

Rate: 80/55/20/60/55/50/60/25

Slow Burn: Hit and Avoid gradually increase to +15 by the end of battle.

Items: Iron Sword (5 mt/95 hit/0 crit)

Bio: The seventeen year-old son of Douglass the merchant. A prodigy with the blade, he helped his father by protecting his wares. His mother passed in his fifth year, and since then had looked up to his older cousin Maira, the shepherdess, as a maternal figure. When he learned of her death at the claws of Risen, he embarked on a mission to avenge her. Normally calm and collected like his father, this recent tragedy may have been the last straw. The one with the greatest dislike of lances.
(potential reclasses: knight, mage)

Corin, Cavalier: lvl 3

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 23/ 8 / 0 / 7 / 9 / 6 / 9 / 1

Rate: 90/65/10/55/50/60/65/15

Quick Burn: Hit and Avoid are +15 at battle’s start. Effect gradually decreases

Items: Bronze Sword (3 mt/95 hit/0 crit), Bronze Lance (3 mt/95 hit /0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: The eighteen year-old younger brother of the late Maira, he and Levi are as close as brothers. Unlike his cousin, he doesn’t excel at the lance or the blade, but is competent with both. With hair like a firebrand and a temper to match, he persuaded Levi to assist him in his quest to avenge Maira. The one with the oddest temperament.
(potential reclasses: fighter, dark mage)

Alys, Hero: lvl 1

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 32/17/ 6 / 19 /18/ 14/15/ 9

Rate: 90/55/15/65/65/50/35/35

Armsthrift: Improves weapon durability.
Patience: Hit and Avoid are +10 when an enemy attacks.
Counter: Allows the user to reflexively parry an enemy’s melee attack

Items: Hammer (10 mt/60 hit/0 crit), Silver Sword (11 mt/85 hit /0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: Glasden's leading general rose to fame for her service in the Four-Years-War several years prior. Her tactics and weapon mastery rivaled warriors many years her senior. These prodigious talents led to her significant efforts in ceasing the border feud between Glasden and their northern neighbor, Sugul. The most punctual member of the army.
(potential reclasses: mercenary [base], knight, archer)

Walden, Knight: lvl 4

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 20/ 9 / 1 / 7 / 4 / 3 /11+2/ 2

Rate: 100/60/20/60/40/30/75/35

Defense +2: Provides +2 defense

Iron Lance (6 mt/85 hit/0 crit), Vulnerary

Bio: Walden is usually silent and serious. Having been put up for adoption at infancy, he learned to commune with the wild on a pilgrimage to the Mila Tree. This enabled him to fine-tune his senses to the point that they are superior to those of most other humans. The one with the greatest appreciation of nature.
(potential reclasses: priest, cavalier)
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
If you add my FC, PM me so I can add you back.

User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#6
Hrathe, Fighter: lvl 1

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 23/ 9 / 0 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 5 / 0

Rate: 95/80/15/60/50/50/50/15

Skills: N/A:

Items: Iron Axe (7 mt/80 hit/0 crit)

Bio: A reckless man who enjoys fighting and voluntarily joined Glasden’s military forces because of it. Originally a bare-knuckles brawler, relying on ‘equal parts skill and luck to survive’ as he calls it, Hrathe prefers the axe for its heftiness and ability to deal heavy damage. The one with the least weapons experience.
(potential reclasses: barbarian, wyvern rider)

Micaela, Myrmidon: lvl 3

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 18/ 7 / 1 / 9 / 11/ 7 / 6 / 3

Rate: 80/50/15/75/60/50/35/25

Avoid +10: Provides +10 to the unit’s total Avoid

Shieldreaver (6 mt/85 hit/5 crit), Effective against Armored units, Vulnerary

Bio: A young woman who possesses great skill with the blade, Micaela seeks to honor her forefathers who fought and died in Glasden’s service. She seeks to prove that she is just as capable as her extremely skilled ancestors with the Shieldreaver, a blade that has been passed down through her family for generations. The least likely to surrender.
(potential reclasses: cavalier, mercenary)

Silas, Priest: lvl 2

17/ 1 / 5 / 6 /5 / 8 / 2 / 4

Miracle: Has a (luck %) chance to survive a lethal hit with 1 HP left.

Items: Heal (30 uses), Vulnerary, Berserk Staff (8 uses)

Bio: An acolyte of Father Clarence’s Department of Magical Studies, his strong potential with healing magic saw him inducted as a priest rather than as a mage which he had preferred. In his spare time, he tends to experiment with different magical phenomena producing various, and sometimes hazardous results! The one with the greatest thirst for the unknown.
(potential reclasses: dark mage, thief)

Jayla, Manakete (Mage-Dragon): lvl 4

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 20/ 2 / 7 / 5 /5 / 9 / 4 / 5

Rate: 125/45/75/55/55/55/50/65

Bond: Gradually restores 10 HP to all allies within the user’s immediate vicinity.
Natural Rhythm: Senses one’s true intentions (luck+skill)%
Shadowgift: Can use dark magic in other tome-using classes.

Fire (6 mt/90 hit/0 crit), Vulnerary,
Magestone (8 mt/ 80 hit/ 0 crit) (5 uses) (Str +4, Mag +7, Skl +2, Spd +3, Def +6, Res+9

Bio: A somewhat young manakete who’s only a couple millennia old. She grew up during the era of Naga’s pact with the first Exalt and knew of his exploits from afar. Having made her home in southern Valm over the past few centuries, she was driven out when Valmese soldiers attempted to capture her in dragon form, believing her to be Tiki. Despite her appearance, she is in fact not a divine dragon, but one of the last of the Mage Dragons in either Valm or Ylisse. She joined Alys's Alliance despite her pacifistic nature in order to prevent Walhart's despotic empire from spreading. The one with the greatest zest for life.
(potential reclasses: mage, pegasus knight)

FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#7
Zan, Archer: lvl 5 (Character designed by fawful_X)

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 20/ 8 /1/ 11+2/7 / 4 / 5 / 1

Rate: 75/60/25/75/65/35/35/25

Skill +2: Grants +2 skill
Point-Blank: Bows can hit adjacent enemies. Damage x .5, Crit Rate x 1.5

Steel Bow (9 mt/90 hit/0 crit),
Killer Bow (10 mt/80 hit/30 crit)

Bio: A skilled archer who lived on the outskirts of Graav until tragedy struck. When the Risen appeared they slaughtered everyone on sight, including Zan’s family. Surviving only due to his prowess as a marksman, something inside him died when his entire village came back as Risen. Watching friends and family die before his eyes was bad enough, but being forced to kill them was too much. His psyche having deteriorated over what he endured, Zan now revels in the slaying of the undead and, when doing so, acts extremely aggressively. He is hard-pressed to take human life however. Due to his conflicting emotions, he is usually introverted when dealing with others, only acting like his true self around trusted superiors and loved ones.
(potential reclasses: barbarian, thief)

Dale, Villager: lvl 1

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 17/ 4 / 1 / 3 / 3 / 10 / 2 / 1

Rate: 70/55/20/45/50/75/40/25

Aptitude: Adds 20% to units stat growth rates

Bronze Lance (3 mt/90 hit/0 crit), Concoction

Bio: A tomboyish villager from the Graavan village of Regvah, she often dreams of, what she considers, the glorious life of a knight or soldier-at-arms. Angered over her perceived powerlessness when she was captured by bandits skulking the region, she wants to grow stronger so that she can put down any threat against her family or her friends. The headband she wears is a gift from her late father, a man who some described as not being completely ‘human’. The one with the most sass.
(potential reclasses: knight, pegasus knight)

Qorl, Barbarian: lvl 3

Stats: HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk/De/Re
Base: 22/ 10 / 0 / 7 / 6 / 3 / 5 / 0

Rate: 100/65/20/45/55/35/45/15

Despoil: When user defeats an enemy after initiating the attack, Luck% chance to find a small bullion

Iron Axe (7 mt/80 hit/0 crit), Hand Axe (3 mt/70 hit/0 crit)

Bio: A simple-minded twenty-something year old man of enormous proportions, this gentle giant was simply born into the wrong family. Having been exposed to copious amounts of violence and bloodshed in this line of work, he acquired a sense of revulsion for harming innocents. When his father and myriad brothers found out about this, he was brutally beaten and relegated to inventory management. As the packmule of the crew, this only served to increase his considerable strength. He only seeks to help others and atone for his past mistakes. The one with the worst hygiene.
(potential reclasses: priest, myrmidon)

Other Notable Persons:
-Therius: A defeated Squad Commander of Sugul. Originally hailed from Regna Ferox. Currently in audience with the Lord Chancellor.
-Horace: A leading general of Sugul’s military. Knew General Alys from when they discussed the terms of the treaty that concluded the Four-Years War between Sugul and Glasden. A tall, dark-skinned man who easily commands the loyalty of his troops. Currently in the catacombs with Walden, Micaela, and several Sugulian cavaliers.
-The Lord Chancellor: An enigmatic man of dubious morals who seems to be the ruling authority in Sugul. Currently in conference with Squad Commander Therius
-Mathias: A young somewhat overzealous Sugulian cavalier under the direct command of General Horace. Currently in The Oasis with Alys's Alliance.
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#8
It's thanks for all your support, all you readers and contributers that this CYOA has made it this far! Anyway, plot/character summary aside, the most recent event was whom we'd be initiating supports between:

The pairings who currently have supports are:

Bianca x Symond: A
Edmond x Anna: B
Edmond x Lawrence: C
Anna x Lawrence: C
Levi x Corin: C

Current Nominations for supports:
4 votes: Edmond x Anna
4 votes: Dale x Qorl
3 votes: Edmond x Symond
3 votes: Qorl x Anna
2 votes: Levi x Corin
1 vote: Levi x Anna
1 vote: Zan x Bianca
1 vote: Zan x Dale
1 vote: Lawrence x Corin
1 vote: Qorl x Bianca
1 vote: Symond x Bianca
1 vote: Anna x Bianca

Please keep in mind that once two units achieve S-support, they become companions and cannot achieve S-rank (or higher) with anyone else. Furthering this support chain bumps it to SS-rank which initiates a proposal and subsequent future children (if applicable to be 'unlocked').

So just as a word of advice, try not to S-rank any pairing too quickly, before the majority of the available characters are revealed.

Since I'm having a hard time keeping track of who already voted for supports, I'm just listing usernames here to avoid votes being double counted:
Dragonball9899, Aranvoid, Chrizzel28, AlmostDoug

And with that, this CYOA is back in business!
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
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User Info: TestPilotVGC

3 years ago#9
FC: 1075-1879-3031 (Magmar, Pyroroar, Braxien) IGN: Ryan
If you add my FC, PM me so I can add you back.

User Info: RaNDM_G

3 years ago#10
Zan x Dale, Qorl x Bianca.

Sorry. That massive wall of text blinded me.
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