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User Info: Ephraim8

3 years ago#1
You are now married to them IRL and they move in with you. How does this affect you and your life?
It's a fact of life.....

User Info: Jalk

3 years ago#2
Maribelle. Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god, she's gonna redecorate everything AND I'll have to be organized... And we'll have to hire an army of butlers and housemaids... AAAAAAARGH !
PSN ID : jalk_mikain

User Info: Chrizzel28

3 years ago#3

Well... My parents will be confused that I married a little girl, my siblings will think the same thing, the law will likely problematic (even though she can consent), and my friends will be confused that I married at a relatively young age. I'd be kinda happy though, even if I'd feel sorry about the fact that she'd outlive me by a long shot.
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

3 years ago#4

B-but I'm a dude. ;_;
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User Info: Aranvoid

3 years ago#5
Sumia? Yay, I married a Pegasus knight, my life's dream.

Wait, where the hell will he Pegasus go? I didn't think this through... And she'll trip and probably knock things over.

That won't matter, mah life is complete.
"For why do we fight? Peace can be achieved with words, not steel."
"Keep hanging on to such stupid ideals.War is war."-Kuro and Arashi, AS

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#6

"Hey mom and dad, I'm not really sure how this happened, but at least he's nice...?"
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words -- dying to believe in what you heard, I was staring straight into the shining sun.

User Info: ProfShroomish

3 years ago#7
*lives happy fraternal life with inigo*

User Info: WhenDragonsFli

3 years ago#8
I would be HAPPY to live with Emmy. <3
"I love life. Because video games are real." ~Me
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User Info: BowserJr168

3 years ago#9


User Info: nazacuckoo

3 years ago#10
Female Morgan.
OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOohhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I'd be happy as F***!
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