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User Info: Jo_Joanine

3 years ago#41
astrophys posted...

Let's she. She's also my Avatar unit's wife in the game on the file I'm currently working on.

I really like Cordelia's character, her personality, and her talent, etc. I also find her to be quite hot; she's very attractive.

While I can find many characters in video games attractive, I avoid becoming obsessed with them; the only context I'll ordinarily use a phrase like my "waifu" is when I'm joking around or exaggerating.

But, seeing that the basic premise of this question is that supposing that she's now married to me in real life (i.e. Cordelia is no longer a fictional character for the purposes of this exercise but instead is assumed to be a real person in the real world, married to me in the real world)…..


If this scenario was actually true, I'd be a VERY, VERY happy man. It would be like something out of my wildest dreams and fantasies.

Even more so when I admit that I'm actually socially awkward and really am overly afraid to break the ice when it comes to women, so I've never actually even gotten to kiss a woman or have a girlfriend yet in my 22+ years of life (I would like to one day). I've been able to get along with women fine, but only as a platonic friend/acquaintance/colleague.

So to actually be MARRIED to a real-life Cordelia (or even just being her boyfriend) would be an amazing step for me.

As for how it would affect my life:

My family would probably be very surprised, given my history of having never been in a relationship before and now suddenly being married. They might have expected that it would take a while before something like that happened for me. Although I get the feeling that they'd like Cordelia if I introduced her to them.

As for the moving in part…. that would cause some complications… I've currently living in a dormitory as I undertake graduate studies; I only have a small single person bedroom of my own in my suite…. not to mention that the suites/apartments in the place I'm staying are segregated by gender (either all male suites or all female suites). And even if that wasn't an issue, my bedroom would be too small to accommodate a second person (Cordelia in this hypothetical example). Nor are we allowed to have excessively long-term guests…..

Which means I'd need to move and find a bigger apartment where I could actually live with Cordelia, my wife in this hypothetical situation.

Also, I'd probably end up cutting back my (admittedly excessive) video game playing (as well as taking part on internet boards), which are among my major forms of relaxation when I'm taking a break from my graduate studies and research. As much as I enjoy them, if I were actually married I'd probably prefer to spend more of that free time with my wife instead.

I'd imagine my social life could end up improving as well if spending time with her and doing things together encouraged me to get out more . To be honest, I'm a bit too much of a hermit for my own good at the moment. I know its a problem, but I still am not doing enough to correct it yet. I need to get better there.

No s***, you are.
Seriously, what the hell.

User Info: IAmMC2

3 years ago#42
My ***** Gaius, we'll sneak out into town at night and buy ice cream and ****. Would be da best.
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User Info: Archest-Archer

3 years ago#43
Virion. We immediately get a divorce because I am not worthy of the Almighty Virion's love.
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User Info: xLemmy_KoopaX

3 years ago#44
My life will be perfect.
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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

3 years ago#45
A generic cavalier. This... This could work.

User Info: ThatKipp

3 years ago#46
Ishtar... Guess it's time to join forces with the bad guys

User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#47
ThatKipp posted...
Ishtar... Guess it's time to join forces with the bad guys

Nope, you're gonna get killed by Hilda because this marriage isn't politically convenient for her.
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User Info: Zethoro

3 years ago#48

I'm ready to get conquered, baby.

...but in all seriousness that wouldn't work out. At all.
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User Info: 31walcraeb

3 years ago#49

Holy s*** I am so f***ed.

And Flavia's like 3 times my age so O_o

User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#50
Noire. ok if she doesn't flip out Support Chrom for smash 4 DLC!
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