Your favorite character from each FE game

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User Info: SnarfAndSophie

3 years ago#1
That you have played

1/SD- Abel
4- Sigurd
5- Tanya
6- Percival
7- Sain
8- Franz
9/10- Geoffrey
13- Lucina

My overall favorite is Geoffrey
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User Info: Blademaster_Aio

3 years ago#2
7- Guy
8 - Ewan, L'Archeal comes real close, Marisa and Joshua too.
11 - Xane, Linde
12 - Jeorge and Xane and I forgot Linde
13 - So many, really... Inigo. Brady. Nah. Sumia. Virion. Lon'qu. Maribelle.
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User Info: Garlands_Soul

3 years ago#4
1: Hardin
2: Zeke
3: Hardin
4: Manfroy
5: Leif
6: Zephiel
7: Hector
8: Ephraim
9: Volke
10: Volke
11: Hardin
12: Hardin
13: Olivia
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User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

3 years ago#5
1/11- Hardin
2- Claire
3/12- Catria
4- Finn
5- Sety
6- Miledy
7- Canas
8- Seth
9- Stefan
10- Tibarn
13- Cherche

User Info: King_Janaff

3 years ago#6
1/11: Marth.
2: Alm.
3/12: Marth again.
4: Celice or Aless.
5: Sety.
6: Geese.
7: Wil or Geitz.
8: Forde.
9: Janaff.
10: Leonardo.
13: Stahl.
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User Info: Eta_warrior

3 years ago#7
FE6: Ray
FE7: Lloyd (Canas if only playable characters count)
FE8: Cormag
FE9: Boyd
FE10: Tormod
FE11: Merric
FE12: Cain
FE13: Owain
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User Info: EmperorArvis

3 years ago#8
1/11- Marth
2- Celica
3/12- Sirius
4- Arvis and all the Children Characters
5- Sias/ Owen
6- Zephiel
7- Lyn/Hector/ Rebecca
8- Ewan/ Amelia/ Ross
9- Shinon/ Black Knight
10- Ike/Miciah/Shinon/ Mia/Nephenee/ Black Knight
13- Robin/Severa/ Chrom/ Nah/ Cordelia/ Walhart
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User Info: Aranvoid

3 years ago#9
FE4: Seliph
FE7: Tie between Eliwood and Hector. Though Hector is winning due to badassery.
FE9: Mist
FE13:Gonna have to go with Chrom or Basilio.
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User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#10
RDS1 posted...
4: Arvis
5: Saias
6: Dorothy
7: Nino
8: L'Arachel
9: Volke
10: Volke
11: Linde
12. Katarina (so far)
13: Noire

That's more like it. Friggin editing time limit.
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