Your favorite character from each FE game

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User Info: FefnirOmega13

3 years ago#11
6: Gonzalez or Ekhidna (from what little I've played of it)
7: Lucius
8: Lute
9: Astrid
10: Leanne
11: Athena
12: Athena
13: Maribelle
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

3 years ago#12
1 & 3 go to Marth, Sety for 4, 6 I'm not sure, 7 is Lyn, 8 and overall is Joshua, 9 is Mia, 10 is Edward, and Awakening is... a tie between Owain and Walhart.
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User Info: Jalk

3 years ago#13
FE4 : Lachesis
FE5 : Nanna
FE6 : Cecilia
FE7 : Lyndis
FE8 : Syrene
FE9 : Calill
FE10 : Elincia
FE11 : Norne
FE13 : Maribelle, Brady, Tharja
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User Info: 110is22x5

3 years ago#14
1. Marth
2. Never played
3. Still Marth
4. Finn or Aless
5. Finn or Sety
6. Gonzalez or Zephiel
7. Canas or Raven
8. Lute or Ross
9. Jill, Shinon, Volke or Black Knight
10. Too many to choose from
11. Marth again
12. Never played
13. Lon'qu, Gaius, Stahl or Cordelia

User Info: Arcangel22

3 years ago#15
Only listing from the games I have played.

1: Marth - Doesn't wear pants and slays armies.

4: Sigurd - One of the few lords that I've grown to like for more than being just another unit to use. Larcei/Lakche is a close second.

5: Mareeta - I tend to like a lot of the female myrmidons/swordmasters in the series, she's just one of the earliest examples outside of Larcei/Lakche (and didn't have a compelling lead to overshadow her).

6: Miredy/Miledy - Fir would've won this if she wasn't in the game. She was the reason I gave Heath, Cormag, and Jill a second chance (because other than Haar I wasn't a fan of Wyvern units beforehand) after playing FE6.

7: Lyn - Absolutely love her. Myrmidon-styled lord whom also happens to be a character I like? Count me in. There are many "second placers" in this game because I love so many of the characters (and this game in particular) so I won't list most of them. Nino might be the closest to matching Lyn.

8: Ross/Ephraim - Ross is up here because he is my favorite unit throughout the game. One of the few fighters/pirates I've ever liked using (Dart and Boyd are the only others). Ephraim, while I definitely feel there are better lords than him (Sigurd, Ike, and Hector for example), I have to respect his ability to take on an entire castle with low supplies, no hope for reinforcements, being dwarfed in army comparison, and still managing to conquer the fort before the more "elite" soldiers show up.

9: Ike - My favorite lord in the Fire Emblem franchise. Before they completely ruined his character in Radiant Dawn, I thought Ike had so much potential and development as a character throughout the entirety of Path of Radiance. He overcame the death of his father, the burden of taking over the mercenary company so immediately and readily, trying to close the gap between his men as beorcs and the laguz, a seemingly hopeless situation to reunite Princess Elincia with her kingdom, the Black Knight who towered over him for so long, and several other things to become such a great and more respectable main character than many of the other Fire Emblem lords...then Radiant Dawn completely screwed up his character. But let's not get into that. Lethe is a close second along with many other character like FE7 really.

10: Shinon/Naesala - These are two of the very few characters that I felt got so much better in Radiant Dawn. You really got to see far more of their character than you did in PoR. If only the other 90% of the cast actually got better with Radiant Dawn, then maybe I'd be able to say it's one of my favorite FE games to date.

11: Wolf/Harden - I can't really say there was a character other than Marth (sort of) that really stood out to me, so I have to go from a gameplay perspective. These two guys made the game bearable for me just because reclassing them into almost any of their options was so overpowering that it was hilarious just watching the two of them, Marth, Caeda, and a healer being deployed while destroying everything without much heartache.

13: Lucina - Real tough one, since I like a lot of the characters akin to FE7/FE9. But I'm going to give it to Lucina simply because I found her more compelling than her father. Really kinda makes me wish they would've just not implemented the children system in the game and made a sequel that had a much darker tone like the children's future for its story. Lucina could've still joined, just not as a unit who depended on her parents in anyway (and she'd have her own class set/supports). I dunno, it's something to think about.

If anyone actually bothers to read this beyond the characters I chose, I applaud you and appreciate your interest in my explanations.
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User Info: CloudSith5060

3 years ago#16
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User Info: RJWalker243

3 years ago#17
1) Camus
2) Celica
3) Hardin
4) Lewyn
5) Fergus
6) Deke
7) Oswin
8) Seth
9) Shinon
10) Nolan
11) Marth
12) The Wolfguard
13) Virion
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