What is it about your favorite class that makes it your favorite?

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  3. What is it about your favorite class that makes it your favorite?

User Info: SnarfAndSophie

2 years ago#1
For me, Paladins have always been my favorite. There is something cool and heroic about riding into battle on a horse with a lance. They are also a very versatile class that can be used for offense and defense. It's a class full of cool and interesting character like Marcus, Geoffrey, Percival or Sain.
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User Info: RDS1

2 years ago#2
The aesthetics of the Bride class, from their dress to their acrobatic attack animations. I also like their weapon selection a lot; Bows and Staves are a combination I really like, and it gets extra points for being an unmounted, unarmored lance-wielder.
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User Info: WhenDragonsFli

2 years ago#3

Dat dress tho.
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User Info: BowserJr168

2 years ago#4
Dread Fighter. Cool stance, good weapons to use. High Resistance.

User Info: Vascela

2 years ago#5

Can you go wrong with being a dragon? I was so ecstatic when I found out you could buy dragonstones.

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

2 years ago#6
Mercenary and Hero. Raven, Deke, Gerik, Ogma... and technically Ike would count, too.

Also I just like mercenaries.

*points to username*
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User Info: Aranvoid

2 years ago#7
Favorite class? Lord. Just something about being/playing someone of royal blood or nobility, and I like that in games.

Second favorite would probably have to be Pegasus knight. Only for the cool girls that soar through the skies.

Catria, Florina. Tana, Elencia, etc.

Edit: forgot Wyvern riders too. Though for a different reason than the games.
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User Info: Ownagepuffs

2 years ago#8
Assassin is a classic for me. I always love Assassins/Speedy classes that don't suck (*cough*Swordmasters from FE7 onwards*cough*).

But recently, Bow Knight became my favorite class. Take a look at the concept art some time, you'll see it is the only mounted female class in the game with a functional breastplate and pants. I think the aesthetic takes after those old Japanese horsemen. Really cool. It has my favorite weapon combination (Sword and Bow) and it is mounted. What's there not to love?

FE series makes me like the Wyvern Rider class too. It seems Wyvern Riders have a tendency to be really good units. Altenna, Miledy, Haar, Heath, and Jill off the top of my head all kick lots of ass. My FE13 waifu is a Wyvern Rider too (Cherche). Cherche would be great if only she had f***ing Galeforce rage rage rage.
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User Info: Sophos-Z

2 years ago#9
Grandmaster... because of those Badass Longcoats. I also like how they use both swords AND tomes; the whole Badass Bookworm feel just really gets me. Also, their Skills are just really badass, too. Don't forget their Pair Up bonuses... they can make just about any partner into an instant badass.

Grandmasters, in general, are just badass.

Great Lords take a close second because their outfits are as f*cking majestic as Xerneas itself.

User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

2 years ago#10
I've always liked Bishops, being able to smite things with holy magic is awesome. A shame they're gone now.
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