What is it about your favorite class that makes it your favorite?

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  3. What is it about your favorite class that makes it your favorite?

User Info: Kuyama-kun

3 years ago#21
Swordmasters without a doubt.

User Info: Zethoro

3 years ago#22
Valkyrie...even though it's really not that great, I like basically having a mounted sage. Also they're like british soldiers with those awesome outfits. What's not to like?

A close second would have to be Dread Fighter for that badass attack they sometimes do where they just kinda teleport into the air. (I know they just jump really fast, but when I first saw it I swore it was a teleport.
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User Info: Death_Born

3 years ago#23
I used to love Heroes, Generals, Snipers, Swordmasters and Warriors simply due to their badass weapons/animations and crits. In Awakening, the Swordmaster is still awesome.

User Info: GGuitarGuy95

3 years ago#24
The Assassin class outfit and skills. Plus, it looks pretty cool on Lon'qu.

User Info: Eta_warrior

3 years ago#25
I used to like Heroes and Sages best, but now my favorite is the Dread Fighter who's pretty much the two rolled into one sweet package.
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User Info: SnarfAndSophie

3 years ago#26
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User Info: CaptainKatsura

3 years ago#27
Dark Knight and it's pegasus-riding counterpart,Dark Flier.

They both bring so much utility to the field it's not even funny,especially with Ignis or Luna.They're insanely strong units to have around if you need good offense and mobility.
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User Info: Pepsi_Al

3 years ago#28
Dark Flier takes two of my most favorite unit types prior to this game (magic users and fliers) and mashes them into one. I was shocked and amazed once I found that out. And if that wasn't enough, it's Galeforce skill was certainly enough to attract a Valkyria Chronicles player such as myself. (Especially since Galeforce is like Alicia's, Wavy's, Melville's, Juno's, and Aika's Double Movement, Lynn's Hard Worker a.k.a. Nadine's, Dallas's, and Knute's Double Action in one skill, complete with a guaranteed activation to boot.)

Expounding on that. I don't think I've gone without a flyer (or at least someone who can become one) as soon as one joined the team in any FE I've played. Especially since Marcia and Jill, two of PoR's best units, were the first fliers I was introduced to. Not to mention the likes of Caeda, Palla, Catria, Fury, Fee, Altena, Miredy, and FE10 Haar. And Janaff, Ulki, Tibarn, and Naesala, if Laguz are being counted here.

And magic users? Mages, priests, and their ilk? I did like using Illyana and Soren in PoR. (Though I now know better, in regards to their actual ability.) And Mist was a lifesaver. But FE7 had me hooked on them. (Canas, nowadays I'll admit, isn't anything too hot, even though he does have Luna. Lucius, Priscilla, and Pent, though...) And Shadow Dragon with Merric and Lena, and Genealogy with Aideen, Lewyn, Lana, Nanna, Arthur, and Ced, pretty much solidified my liking for magic users.

Swordmasters, Paladins, Great Knights, Assassins, Horsemen/Nomadic Troopers/Rangers/Bow Knights, and Heroes all get honorable mentions, mostly because of how cool they tend to be. Especially Ayra, Shanan, Larcei, Rutger, FE10 Mia, and FE10 Zihark in the case of SMs. Ogma (most of the time), Holyn, Ulster, Deke, Raven, Harken, Gerik, and Ike (even though he's a lord), in the case of Heroes. Jagen, Cain, Abel, Castor (to some extent), Luke, Rhodes, FE12 Arran, Sirius, Lex, Midir, Beowulf, Delmud, Lester, Johan, Ares, Marcus, Alan, Lance, Sue, Shin, Percival, Sain, Kent, Seth, Franz, Duessel, Oscar, Kieran, PoR Makalov, PoR Astrid, FE10 Geoffrey, and Frederick, in the case of horse units. And Jaffar and Volke in the case of Assassins.

User Info: Archest-Archer

3 years ago#29
Dancers because they look cool, their dances are cool, and the characters are cool.

Especially Olvia.
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User Info: qp0al0zm000

3 years ago#30
DeviljhoHAX posted...
Stuck between Dread Fighter and General. General looks like an ancient version of the terminator armor from Warhammer 40K and DF for the awesome animations and it fits as a better class for me instead of the Hero class.

Dread Fighter was the third-tier class after Hero in Gaiden, though. Shame Radiant Dawn didn't have any mercenary class.
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  3. What is it about your favorite class that makes it your favorite?

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