Best class for the avatar for a beginner?

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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
3 years ago#11
Something similar to the Dark Knight class would be the Dark Flyer class, though that's female only. Otherwise, those are the only two mounted classes that have spells.

Well there's also Valkyrie but that's a healer(who can also use tomes), and also female exclusive.
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User Info: sunstorm298

3 years ago#12
Nope, only Dark Mages and Sorcerers can use Nosferatu. "Similar to Dark Knight but not mounted" as in uses swords and tomes? Because that's Grandmaster and Dread Fighter and I think that's about it.

User Info: discodancer77

3 years ago#13
So dread fighter is paid DLC only?
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User Info: AwesomeMario

3 years ago#14
discodancer77 posted...
So dread fighter is paid DLC only?

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User Info: GodOfDerp

3 years ago#15
discodancer77 posted...
Dark knight sounds good...
Which classes can use the Nosferstu skill?

The other exception for Nos tanking is having a male avatar marry Aversa and pass down shadowgift to Morgan, which grants acess to dark tomes for all magic weilding classes, including sage, dark flier, dread fighter, dark knight.

Also the DLC Micaiah and Katarina both have shadowgift.

User Info: 0chocolachao0

3 years ago#16
Stick to your Tactician Class.
Promote yourself with a Master Seal to becone a Grandmaster obce your sufficicently leveled.
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User Info: BluesSoul617

3 years ago#17
Stick to whichever you're comfortable with, TC.

Good classes for your avatar are:

Grandmaster - Swords and Tomes
Sage - Tomes and Staves
Sorcerer - Tomes
Dread Fighter - Swords, Axes, and Tomes ($2.50 DLC)

Dark Knight and Dark Flier have extra movement/terrain ignorance but gain weaknesses to Beast Killer/Bows/Wind magic

If looks bother you, I will say that the Sage makes your Avatar's head look smaller than the body; Sorcerer looks like he has a swimsuit on.
Blues Soul 617

User Info: RyoKaiba

3 years ago#18
Grandmaster, Dark Knight, and Dreadfighter all allow for mix of Swords and tomes. One possibility is leveling to 10 or so as a tactician, use a dreadfighter scroll and wait until you get to a level 30 dread fighter and reclass into Grandmaster. Of course that isn't possible for a female Avatar as Dread Fighter is male exclusive

Another viability is go Tactician > Grandmaster at 20> Dark Knight at level 15 (after getting Rally Spectrum as Grandmaster) > Reclass back to Grandmaster at 15 after getting Lifetaker (or stay as a dark knight).
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User Info: Ownagepuffs

3 years ago#19
Grandmaster is the most idiot proof class in the game.
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User Info: BluesSoul617

3 years ago#20
Ownagepuffs posted...
Grandmaster is the most idiot proof class in the game.

Grandmaster and Dread Fighter are practically the same, just with an extra option to use Axes. Males only though.
Blues Soul 617
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