Most overrated character in the game.

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User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
2 years ago#11

Of course his popularity is concentrated on Tumblr, Youtube and that's about it.
But dear lord, it's not even close.

...Hopefully he and Tharja get completely denied for Smash.

Pepsi_Al posted...
Donnel. One trip to the Fire Emblem Awakening Miiverse community would make anyone agree.

Newbs and n00bs alike falling for the newb trap? Doesn't surprise me. But Owain... dear lord.
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User Info: 1998_z

2 years ago#12
Owain hands down.
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User Info: NinjamanXXXX

2 years ago#13
This topic is gonna let hell break loose.
I'll have to say Tharja.I like these kinds of Girls...but Tharja is just a Weak copy :l in comparison.
Ken Kaneki is one of the Protagonists that blown my mind Beside Lelouch Lamperouge and Light Yagami.

User Info: BIeck5

2 years ago#14

User Info: WhenDragonsFli

2 years ago#15

cuz I am Tharja
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User Info: Endgame

2 years ago#16

Owain actually delivers on the stupidity people say they like him for, but Tharja's fanbase is based entirely off of her "sexiness", when she has none
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User Info: Tables

2 years ago#17
Donnel and Lucina probably.

Donnel is actually rather okay - although still well below average - on Hard, since the earlygame isn't brutal. He can be reasonably trained up, and after reclassing he's... almost on par with everyone else. After promoting to Hero he's often your 2nd best unit, behind Robin. On Lunatic... yeah, let's not go there (I should use Donnel on Lunatic on my next playthrough tough, ehh).

Lucina is also okay, but I feel she's overrated in a particular context, that is in comparison to all the other kids. The kids in general are mostly underrated for in-game - most people grossly exaggerate how weak they are on joining and overestimate how long it takes them to get up to the level of their parents (typically they're about 5-10 levels of stats weaker than the parents at first plus promotion gains, but with better or equal skills, and will catch up in about 2 chapters). Lucina though somehow gets a pass through this - she does have some advantages over the other kids, but not so much that Lucina should be described as one of the better characters while most other non-Morgan kids are garbage. She's better than most except Morgan, but at the very least, if their parents are trained I'd say Kjelle, Laurent and Owain are in the same ballpark as her.
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User Info: PouringLight

2 years ago#18
Aesthetic wise it is most definitely Owain. I think he is hot too, but his fangirl and gay fan following is so big it's ridiculous. People also say more objectifying, degrading, and sexual oriented things about him than anyone else.But it's largely ignored as an issue because he is a guy

Personality wise it is Lucina hands down. She really isn't that we'll developed at all. The other children blow her away.

Unit wise I'd say Inigo.

User Info: legendrider

2 years ago#19
Eh there's a few factors

But that characters that people may think are overrated are

Tharja - Her looks
Lucina - Her personality
Owain - His character and looks
Inigo - As a unit

I'm not sure who else would be thought of a overrated

The character I think is overrated is Lucina and Owain, Lucina more so surprisingly.
But I do not mind the characters themselves.
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User Info: Zethoro

2 years ago#20
Morgan. Specifically Manakete Morgan.
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