CYOA: Four Fangs

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User Info: ReddShope

2 years ago#1
In this adventure we will follow the Brothers Reed from their childhood through the ranks of the Black Fang and possibly further. The events in this CYOA will not directly coincide with the events that occur in FE7--think of it as a parallel universe. In keeping with the tradition of Blazing Sword, the main character will be a tactician, who is us. His name is Shope. He can either have a large impact on the gameplay and story, or not, depending on your choices. However, we will choose one of two characters to primarily follow, basically in the same manner as Blazing Sword with the division of Hector and Eliwood's stories. Both will still play a large role, but we will focus on one. The focus may shift at times due to your choices. I will also be taking liberties with classes and creating some of my own or tweaking some to make them better. There is no level cap.

Unfortunately, due to work and time constraints, as well as actually writing the story, this CYOA will likely only be updated one to two times a day. Bear with me, as this is my first CYOA.

Now, some character introductions.

Class: Tactician
Level: ?
Affinity: Anima
Stats: ? (Can possibly gain stats and participate)
A wandering tactician from Etruria. The Avatar of our story. Has no recollection of his past, but carries a pocket watch that bears the simple of what appears to be a long-forgotten Etrurian noble family.
Inventory: Shope's Watch (A watch with possible story and gameplay implications)

Class: Myrmidon
Level: 1
Affinity: Anima
Str 6 Mag 3 Skl 10 Spd 11 Luck 7 Def 3 Res 5
One of Brendan Reed's sons. The more mature and level-headed of the two, Lloyd cares deeply for his friends and family, but understands the value of completing the mission. Firm, resolute, and confident, he has an unwavering gaze. His loyalty, skill and speed at completing a mission, and exquisite swordsmanship have earned him the nickname "White Wolf", even at his young age.
Inventory: Wolf Brand (Lloyd's blade that was given to him by his father. Uses magic to attack with Lightning from afar. Might: 7 Acc: 90 Crit: 10) Iron Sword (Might: 5 Acc: 90)

Class: Mercenary
Level: 1
Affinity: Thunder
Str 8 Mag 1 Skl 12 Spd 9 Luck 5 Def 7 Res 2
The other of Brendan's Reed's sons. Brash and quick to a fight, Linus cares for his friends and family and often acts out of emotion rather than with a cool head. The more passionate brother, he wears his feelings on his sleeve. He always seems to be glancing up and down those he meets, as if sizing them up for a fight. His quick temper and strength have earned him the nickname "Mad Dog", even at his young age.
Inventory: Dog Beil (Linus's personal axe, and the only axe he can use in his base class at this time. Can be thrown at a distance. Might: 9 Acc: 80 Crit: 5) Iron Sword

Before I introduce the other characters, let's have the first vote.

Which Character do you want to more closely follow?
A) Lloyd, the White Wolf
B) Linus, the Mad Dog
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User Info: RaNDM_G

2 years ago#2
B: Should make for an eventful campaign.
"You haven't even seen tactical."

User Info: AlmostDoug

2 years ago#3
Super smooth Lloyd, or hot-headed and more unique Linus...
Lloyd, I guess.

I'm actually replaying FE7 now, so this is very relevant to my interests.
Also, are you deliberately not including HP, weight and CON in the stats? Even more interesting, if so.
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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
2 years ago#4
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User Info: ryugin55

2 years ago#5
So you turned autocorrect off?I also liek to libe dangoruslee.
So you turned autocorrect back on? I also like to lube vigorously.

User Info: TestPilotVGC

2 years ago#6
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User Info: Aranvoid

2 years ago#7
ryugin55 posted...
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User Info: KingOfAllCondos

2 years ago#8
If the multiverse theory is correct, then isn't there a universe where it ISN'T correct?
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User Info: ReddShope

2 years ago#9
From now on I will be using bold to indicate posts only from me and not the game. I am locking Lloyd in as the lead brother, but haven't the time to write the first piece. Also, due to Linus's support, he will likely take the lead in a few chapters.
Procrastinating is like a speed run in real life -ReddShope

User Info: ReddShope

2 years ago#10
I forgot HP.
Lloyd 24
Linus 26

"Hel... Hello... Are you... wake.." "Oh for Elimine's sake, Lloy... so gentle.. WAKE UP!"

The shout of the second man startles you awake. Well, it seemed to be a man from the force of the shout, but it appears to be a boy of no more than 14. Another boy, presumably the first voice, who is very similar in age and appearance to the first is lightly holding you while reprimanding the man that woke you.
"Linus, can't you ever show a little respect? We haven't the slightest clue who he is or why he is passed out in the mountains of Bern, or are we in Lycia now? Yes it appears we are."
"Lloyd, what's it matter we are. We first need to find out who this man is."
"I suppose you have a point, brother."
The calmer brother turns to you, presumably named Lloyd. "If you don't mind sir, would you tell us who you are and what you're doing out here without any weapons?"
You attempt to answer but only breath comes out. Mustering up your strength you try again.
"My name is Shope... I am a tactician of sorts... AHH!" A sharp pain in your head stops you short of recalling anything else. "I'm sorry... That's all I can recall."
Lloyd responds first, "A tactician, eh? How about that Linus? You see, Shope, our tactician recently passed away in a sneak attack during the night. We could use some help on our mission--"
"Hold it there Lloyd," Linus interrupts, "we know nothing of this man. He should prove his worth first. I say a test of strength!"
"Whoa Linus, a tactician has no need for strength! I say a test of skill in commanding units!"
"How typical of the Reed Brothers." A woman with blue-violet hair steps forward, "Did you even notice his watch? He obviously has some connections to Etruria. I say a test of Arcane abilities."
"Ursula," Lloyd interjects, "you wanted to leave him here so we could continue the mission. What do you care of his magic ability?"
"He's won my interest now."
"Haha Ursula," a new voice this time, from a corner shrouded in shadow, "what does magic matter if he can't keep up or avoid an attack? Much less travel in stealth, an asset in our line of work."
"Insightful as ever, Grant. But then again, thieves always seem to be one step ahead."
"All of you seem to be forgetting the most important thing." A man, or boy, it's hard to say, in the attire of a nomad speaks up. "Boy, I am Uhai. We of Sacae know that all the skill, might, and speed in the world does not matter if you are a bad omen. I suggest a test of luck."
Lloyd thinks for a minute before responding, "You all have valid points. We will allow Shope to choose which tests he take. He may take them all if he so wishes. Well, what will you do?"

You may choose any or all options. Choose them in the order you want them taken, as it will affect performance and results. Also, each stat has secret aspects it affects. I will post each of the new units profiles and stats later.

A) Strength/Defense- Linus
B) Skill- Lloyd
C) Magic/Resistance- Ursula
D) Speed- Grant
E) Luck- Uhai
Procrastinating is like a speed run in real life -ReddShope

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