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User Info: suburbshulk

3 years ago#31
I don't know why but I think Owain is really hot.

User Info: RadiantGod

3 years ago#32
Yeah! Lucina is beating Tharja!
Official Husband Of Lyn.

User Info: NinjamanXXXX

3 years ago#33
RadiantGod posted...
Ken Kaneki is one of the Protagonists that blown my mind Beside Lelouch Lamperouge and Light Yagami.
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User Info: Rot8er_ConeX

3 years ago#34
There should be a sort of tournament for this, rather than getting the general opinion of few and then using the most mentioned results as poll options.

Also, husbandos and waifus should be different poll-tourneys.
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User Info: AnriHeroKing

3 years ago#35
Tharja is getting her ass kicked by Anna. Nice.
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User Info: unknownuber

3 years ago#36
KingChickadee posted...
to quote the 2013 summer fe:a board, ugh

why do you people always forget Basilio on your polls?
I swear it's the same poll every time >_>
You'd think we'd have officially decided who is most popular by now ^_^

Awesomedud of all people! How could he leave out his most requested Smash Bros Character until the Anri Phase plagued him and proceeded to make an alt account...
Hercules does what Nintendercules

User Info: VanillaBite

3 years ago#37
Ugh, choosing between Lon'qu and Gaius is hard enough in-game. >-<
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