Sacred Stones or Radiant Dawn. Which FE should I play?

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  3. Sacred Stones or Radiant Dawn. Which FE should I play?

User Info: HeartOfDog

5 years ago#1
Will only play one. Just cuz.

I heard Radiant Dawn isn't as good as Path of Radiance and the story blows. Is this true?
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User Info: hailnickgriffin

5 years ago#3
So you can't play the original GBA Fire Emblem (7)?

User Info: Scorpion122178

5 years ago#4
SS is the better of the two.
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User Info: SackBoi

5 years ago#5
SS was my favorite however in the end RD was much better
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User Info: Winsage

5 years ago#6
RD is pretty bad by FE standards. Go with SS.

User Info: bottlegnomes

5 years ago#7
RD has better gameplay in a given chapter, but it forces you to largely play chapters the same way all the time, ie not a whole lot of choice for unit selection (I'd go into more detail, but I don't want to spoil anything for you. You'll see what I mean when you play it), while SS has the best gameplay of the GBA FEs, though not as good as RD, but with a few exceptions, IMO the chapters aren't as interesting as FE7, or RD for that matter, but it's more of a classical FE, as in free to use whom you want. As for story, I'm not a big fan of either, so pick what you want.
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User Info: supershyguy65

5 years ago#8
They are both really good, so pick RD if you played PoR. If not, get SS.

User Info: raazychx

5 years ago#9
I'd say Sacred Stones. Radiant Dawn bothers me with its non-linear chapters. It's not a story problem as much as it is a gameplay problem... Whereas you can choose to level any character in Sacred Stones (even in hard mode), characters in Radiant Dawn are just left behind, and there's no way to catch them up with certain characters. There's also a huge problem in class balancing...

So I say go with Sacred Stones.

User Info: BardWannabe

5 years ago#10
Sacred Stones--one of my favorite GBA games
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  3. Sacred Stones or Radiant Dawn. Which FE should I play?

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