Why do more games not copy Fire Emblem?

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  3. Why do more games not copy Fire Emblem?

User Info: BTzz

5 years ago#1
As probably the biggest (or second biggest) SRPG series why do most games tend to emulate Final Fantasy tactics than Fire Emblem? In terms of the isometric viewpoint, more focus on equipment, no double attacking, directional attacks mattering, more customization at the expense of character uniquness.

I prefer Fire Emblem a lot more, I'm just curious. Only game I can think of is Rondo of Swords. Even that not so much.

And sorry if FFT was in turn emulating something else, that's just what I associate it with.
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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#2
FFT's plot heavily rips off Genealogy of Holy War's (seriously, same damn major plot elements!)

.....but then again, you said why don't more games copy Fire Emblem, and FFT, just like the rest of its wretched franchise, is an interactive movie, just with a grid system so that dying enemies can run away and drag things out by making the heroes chase them halfway across the map instead of the usual FF way of dragging things out with lengthy animations
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User Info: Barbarossa89

5 years ago#3
I give you Yggdra union.

There exists a weapon triangle. Axes > Lances > Swords. Sound familiar?
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User Info: aegilnet

5 years ago#4
You should check out Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for 3DS. it copies a lot from fire emblem... and was a 3DS launch title.

Basically it's a fire emblem with guns.

User Info: Mage_Lord

5 years ago#5
Because they want to make money

User Info: RiderSeigi

5 years ago#6
FFT was essentially Front Mission Gaiden with a more marketable brand name.

It's a shame Front Mission as a series was badly marketed to the west.

User Info: BarthKoopa

5 years ago#7
Mage_Lord posted...
Because they want to make money

Make the question "Why do more games not copy post-FE5 Fire Emblems?" and I'll agree with you.

Everyone knows that strategic depth is overrated.

User Info: plasmatic5

5 years ago#8
Wasn't Joan d'Arc more similar to Fire Emblem?
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User Info: Emperor4DemiGod

5 years ago#9
you should be glad that they DONT
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User Info: FElite

5 years ago#10
RiderSeigi posted...
It's a shame Front Mission as a series was badly marketed to the west.

lol FFT with robots. It failed because it was BAD
I love Fire Emblem very much. Deal with it.
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