Kotaku needs a chill pill!

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User Info: Dogscratch

5 years ago#41
While the base low level theorycrafting from the FF VI / V sprite image, imo FF:AtB concept is kinda meh - I do have to admit, Final Fantasy Dimensions was a fun romp that consumed around 80 hours of my life. Despite the fact it appears a bit under appreciated.

No regrets with that 80 hours either, feel completely satisfied where so many recent games have failed.

Granted, unsure how a Butz/Terra/etc mashup would work out, and I am a bit skeptical.. But who knows, might also be something interesting.

Then my obsessed side kicks in - I really really wish it had turned into a Bravely Default localization announcement.
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User Info: MagiusNecros

5 years ago#42
Most iOS titles tend to be fast, cheap, easy and meh all at once.
I have always hoped for a BERSERK Final Fantasy Game to be made realized.
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

5 years ago#43
From: MagiusNecros | #042
Most iOS titles tend to be fast, cheap, easy and meh all at once.


I won't fault people for liking them, though. It's their opinion, just they typically tend not to be anything more than quick cash-ins.
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User Info: Aryllies

5 years ago#44
Kumori_no_Yoru posted...
From: Aryllies | #039
There we go, another useless game is upon us.

Don't like to say it but... told you so. If I have any serious info about this nonsense game, I will let you guys know.

Don't think anyone is gonna give a crap about FF:AtB, to be honest.

Ah, my bad, I meant I'll let you know if I have any news regarding an eventual release of Bravely Default for the overseas markets.

Ah well... good luck square for this year. I had the great luck to be able to have a quick look at an internal FFXIII-3 (what a name)tech/gameplay demo a few days ago and I was pleasantly pleased by the combat system and the art direction.

Hopefully that will be one nice game to play.

User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

5 years ago#45
You mean XIII-3 actually looked fun? Don't post it to the LR board, people will get into a tizzy about it.
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User Info: Aryllies

5 years ago#46
I'm avoiding that board like a plague. It simply isn't worth it until people are playing the game, then it becomes fun to go on the board.

But yeah the fighting system was pretty well thought of I have to admit. It really felt like you actually have several party members although you really only have lightning.

It's similar to the devil may cry style in a way that you change your style and that every style has a different palette of movements/strengths weaknesses and you can change them at will.

The mix of exploration + fighting in a pretty well-designed island with on top of a nice adrenaline rush every time the fight starts really felt fresh.

Of course there were some stuff I hope they tweak as I really felt like a monster and it was way too easy. At least in DMC you get some nice difficulty settings.

We'll see but so far I'm quite hopeful.

User Info: cowmilk99

5 years ago#47
This game sold like hotcakes in Japan. I would be surprised if it didn't get localized. I mean they even announced plans for a sequel already. Not to mention they have a browser game of it as well. This game is pretty huge. However, that doesn't mean it will get localized. Remember Xenoblade and The Last Story for the Wii? I was way ticked off when Nintendo said they have no plans to release them in NA even though they were already in English and released in most other places. It took almost 2 years of fan cry to get them to bring Xenoblade over. Even then, it was a limited Gamestop/Nintendo website release. Nintendo wasn't even looking at The Last Story until XSEED stepped up to the plate to publish it. But wouldn't you know it? Xenoblade sold very well for being a limited release and The Last Story is XSEED's best-selling published game in their history. Shows you just how well Japanese companies believe in the western audiences.

As for BD, I'm going to wait at least a year after release before I get miffed. Then I'll be all over Sqeenix's western-hating butt.
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

5 years ago#49
From: HeroicSomaCruz | #048
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Aw, you're no fun, bro.

I say it just takes a lot of p***ing and moaning to get Square to take the hint. I've been prodding at them there and there on Twitter, but one person isn't gonna do much obviously, though they've surprisingly responded to me whenever I asked about the game (it was just the usual "No info yet, you'll have to wait" comment).

Sounds silly, but hey... money talks, after all. Reminds me of the time someone from Capcom got people to literally hold up money in demand for Darkstalkers 4 just so they can take a photo of it and send it in to their higher ups to show that people want it.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#50
Aryllies posted...
I am something of an "insider" so to speak and from everything I've heard, Bravely Default is not even on the table as of right now.

Square-Enix usually holds a meeting on a bimonthly basis regarding releasing products "overseas." (EU/US) The last meeting was held mid December and Bravely Default wasn't one of them.

I suppose it is too early to hope for an announcement. However I do understand Kotaku's reaction. IT is infuriating for many EU/US gamers to see that they're only given the scraps.

I myself sometime feel bad for them as most of the people with executive powers over the localisation's decisions have no clue/ disregard what the demand is. It may sound counter-intuitive in such a competitive market and challenging economy, however, keep in mind that here in Japan, it's a safer bet to launch yet another card/social game (like the upcoming Final Fantasy Art collection card "game.")

Zero risk/ Ok return. That's their motto as it is now.

i am sad mainly cause we still have no news on DQ monsters 3D or Rocket slime 3 and both predate BDFF quite a bit
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