Do abilities stack?

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User Info: MadaoKook

4 years ago#11
Are the summoners something I can get at any point in the story or are they missable?

From what others say, its not very good. i think you only have 6 summons? To get them is pretty easy, unlike the other FF games. But seeing it in action is entertaining :D

User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#12
I only remember its saving grace is that it has a lot of MP (I finished on level 99 and job level 14 at around ~820 MP or so without anything boosting it) and a passive ability to restore MP based on damage received, so it made it pretty handy to Abilink another job to it for the sake of having MP restored.

Otherwise, summons aren't really that strong by end game.
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User Info: arson102

4 years ago#13
Thanks for the replies guys. I got the first three summons so far. I guess I'll stick with it until I want to try something else.

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