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User Info: whatsarobot

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone. I'm still pretty early in the game, and I understand the length of the game, by the end, might be around 60-80 hours.

I'm only about 12 hours in, and haven't mastered any jobs yet. Based on other posts, I guess it's pretty easy to get characters' levels up to around 90 without much grinding. But I'm wondering, will I have to grind a lot to master jobs?

For those who have finished the game... Without doing too much grinding, and just following the normal progression of the game, how many jobs can I expect to master? Is it worth it, in the early game, to just pick one job and stick with it, then switch to a new one when it's mastered? Or is it better to, say, get a few jobs up to level 7 or 8, then try to master them later in the game when I'm getting more JP and EXP?

Sorry, it's a lot of questions. Love this game so much though, so I'm trying to come up with the best strategy possible. Thanks!
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#2
The game tosses you JP like no tomorrow once you get to the low point of the game, which is... pretty much like a boss rush of sorts, only you can choose to fight them or leave them be.

I wound up around level 93 with focusing solely on bosses by the time I finished the game. However, given the game's running mechanic is flimsy to which you could wound up dead if constantly attempting to run and the times I stopped being cheap and used Teleport or Flee (which was actually more often than I would have taken into account)... I fought a lot of random battles overall.

It also helps that the EXP requirement per level caps at 70k past like level 71 or so, thus leveling is incredibly easy. Max job level is 14, by the way.

In short: most I can say is try to switch jobs up as often as possible and get as many levels in. I remember some of the more imperative skills came from Dark Knight, Magic Swordsman, Hunter, Superstar, and... well, there's only the final skill on this one, but Chemist. Otherwise, I found the Chemist class to be next to useless in my book.

...I guess the Summoner class is nifty for its MP regen on received damage is kinda neat. Made spam healing easy, particularly when Summoners get such a large MP pool (800+ on both max levels and with nothing boosting it). I just remember the summons only doing decent damage in single-target fights, but then I never did get Susano-O.
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User Info: 180TRENT

4 years ago#3
Once you get the final job you can get it to level 9, which by that time in the game is around like 2-3 battles, and it gives you a passive ability to kill any monsters 20 levels or more lower than you at the start of battle. With that equipped you can basically get every job to 14 in a matter of a couple hours. Equip the accessory that doubles you EXP and JP gain and it goes even faster.

While many jobs, like the Chemist, seem useless, they do have their uses. The level 14 skill for the Chemist for example makes you take no damage for the first 2 turns of battle, and some of the effects it can produce work wonders on the extra boss depending on which strategy you use.

User Info: MadaoKook

4 years ago#4
Myself, getting thru the mid levels is a pain (40-50 or 60?)
Mastered freelancer and monk at the start, the rest of the game is forgetable...

The level 9 skill can be used on all mobs, except for the bone dragon, or mobs which attack you first.

Once you get the glow egg, I think you would get to lvl99 first before mastering all jobs

User Info: whatsarobot

4 years ago#5
Wow, thanks you guys, that is a lot of help!
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