Fire Temple Boss Help?

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User Info: _Bad_Player_

4 years ago#1
I'm having some trouble with the Fire Temple boss... (Chaugunal... the giant yellow blob with tons of weapons sticking out)

I default when he's in his barrier, since I can't damage him, and I default the turn after he transforms since he always does that super-damaging attack, but he still just drains so much health and deals so much damage (even when I default) that I just can't keep up. I haven't had any problems up until now, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips...

I've unlocked all the classes possible so far, and my entire party is level 45.

These are the jobs I've trained on my characters are...
(All the jobs are level 8~10)

Tiz (physical tank/bruiser/fighter): Knight, Magic Sword, Red Mage, Valkyrie, Pirate
Aniesu (support mage): White Mage, Time Mage, Superstar
Ringabell (offensive mage): Black Mage, Summoner
Idea (physical dps): Monk, Hunter

I first tried it with Tiz as a Red Mage with Valkyrie abilities, Aniesu as a Superstar with White Mage abilities, Ringabell as a Summoner with Black Mage abilities, and Idea as a Hunter with Monk abilities... and it didn't work. I then changed Tiz to a Knight with Magic Sword abilities and Aniesu to a Time Mage (still with White Mage abilities) and that didn't work out either...

I have the Raise staff on Aniesu, and the Cura shield on both Aniesu and Ringabell.

So... yeah. Any tips/ideas/whatever?

User Info: _Bad_Player_

4 years ago#2
Nvm, got it. Looked on some Japanese websites, and I didn't realize that the Knight's Iron Shield skill would reduce all damage in a turn to 1. That ended up helping a ton, plus for whatever reason he decided to not use his HP draining move much.

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