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User Info: jaejae69

4 years ago#1
Anyone still playing? Would love to add some more friends :)

Mine is 133384628620

User Info: MagiusNecros

4 years ago#2
I'd love to share but I have a dilemma you see...
I have always hoped for a BERSERK Final Fantasy Game to be made realized.
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#3
Mostly all the people who imported have been done with the game for quite some time. Given the localization is pretty much as good as confirmed, I doubt you'll find anyone else importing this at this point -- I'd just wait for when an inevitable NA FC thread is made down the line.

Though, if you need a Friend Summon or simply someone to add to your Nolende village minigame, you can snag my FC from my sig. I recall I left a level 99/14 Dark Knight as my summon, so I'd imagine it might have some use.
PSN: Neophoton | NA 3DS: 2277-6964-8962 | JP 3DS: 2509-0978-4639
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User Info: m4g1c14n

4 years ago#4
@Jajae , is that your 3DS LL Code? When I try to add friend , it said the code was wrong :(
My 3DS Code is 1736 - 0632 - 3790
Bravely Code is 1078 - 2349 - 3214

by the way , it seems that adding a friend using 3DS Code, do not add the population in our Norlende Village? :((

damn it, is spotpass the only way to earn more population on our village :((

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