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User Info: xcompr

4 years ago#1
I found the archived topic but since I can't post in that, I'd thought I'd start a new one.

Anyone LTTP like me and would like to share FCs? My FC is 1821-9876-4900.

Want the village restored XD

User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#2
Check mah sig, though I haven't played in months now. I had an urge to replay, but progressively became busy with other things, and I really won't be bothered to replay to prevent myself from having no motivation to replaying it once again in English.

But I usually like to at least offer a nice Friend Summon to help people out. :D
PSN: Neophoton | NA 3DS: 2277-6964-8962 | JP 3DS: 2509-0978-4639
Currently playing: The Last of Us, Muramasa Rebirth

User Info: xcompr

4 years ago#3
Added you now. Probably catch you on in other JP games if you play them too XD

User Info: Matu_Van_Ar

4 years ago#4
Yo. I'm lttp as well :(
I added yall, hope that's cool. tryna get my village set up yo!
anyway my fc is 1736 - 0762 - 1210

User Info: xcompr

4 years ago#5
Just realised you don't use FCs for village restoration. You just search for random players on the internet, lol.

But still good to have a few fellow importer FCs =D

User Info: duclio

4 years ago#6
Although adding friends won't help with village restoration, it opens up ability link which can help you during you game (abilities like "JP Up" can give a good boost for newer players).

I added everyone from this thread, my friend code is 3411-1030-8345, anyone is welcome to add me.
3DS (JP): 3411-1030-8345

User Info: akai_tsubomi

4 years ago#7
I posted my code a long while ago, but I'm slow going on getting through the game haha. feel free to add me :)


User Info: furygears

4 years ago#8
I just started playing this game! It is awesome. My friend code is 1032-2581-3010.

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