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AR Card

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User Info: wolfcreek34

5 years ago#1
I was wondering does the AR card come with both the regular and limited or is it just the limited?

User Info: trowaessy

5 years ago#2
I think it comes with the game itself, so it doesn't matter if it's limited or not.

As far as I know, Limited edition bonuses include a nendo petite, decoration stickers and a cleaning cloth.

User Info: intdex88

5 years ago#3
Can we use a US 3ds to use the AR Card?

User Info: trowaessy

5 years ago#4
Huh, I've never tried that yet. Let me try it out with my buddy's 3DS and get back to you.

User Info: intdex88

5 years ago#5
Alright, thanks trowaessy.

User Info: 1212-1

5 years ago#6
does it work?

User Info: trowaessy

5 years ago#7
I haven't had time to meet up with my friends yet; I'm planning to see if their 3DS can scan the AR cards I got along with my Japanese 3DS. I get the feeling there shouldn't be a "lock" of any sort, since for something like the 3D Pokedex all versions share the same AR icon.

So...yeah, I'll get back to you guys when I try it out!

User Info: trowaessy

5 years ago#8
AR should have no region lock (mine are apparently the same as the US/Canada ones).

User Info: AlphusUltimus

5 years ago#9
shouldn't it be able to read copied AR symbols too?
that way if you lose them you can at least print them out.
XBOX360 GT: AlphaUltima

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