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User Info: bakanki

5 years ago#1
Just like the previous game, Dengeki hosted a special page dedicated for OreImo P Zoku (ie. this sequel). There will be new article each week, specifically each Friday afternoon, Japanese time off course. My Japanese isn't that good but I'll try my best to summarize each articles, if there is some mistakes (I'm sure there will be tons of it XD) feel free to correct it :)

The Dengeki special page is here:


1st week article
Just introduction of the game, nothing special. But if I translate it right, they will also include the renewal/updated version of the first game with updated lines on both normal and special set.

2nd week article
Kanako and Sena introduction. No new screenshot but we get to see preview of Sena's Live2D sprite. They also hold a new favorite character poll starting this week.

3rd week article
Preview of Live2D sprite of Ruri on her Shironeko outfit and new characters introduction. Both are never before seen on the anime since they have only appeared on the latest volume of the light novel so far. They are Kurusu Kanata (CV: Kugimiya Rie) and Makishima Kaori (CV: Houko Kuwashima). As you can guess, they are older sister of Kanako and Saori, respectively.
Both are members of Pretty Garden, Saori's ex-circle. The round glasses Saori wore was originally her. She is a mangaka and use pen name, in fact the Maschera series that Kuroneko loves was her work. She will appear on Kanako and Saori route.
Kaori is Saori's older sister that she hate and the founder of Pretty Garden circle. After married, she became professional gamer. Will appear on Saori route.

User Info: bakanki

5 years ago#2
This is not from the weekly article, but from the early interview that revealing some basic informations about this game about two months ago. The interview was with OreImo's author Fushimi-sensei, game producer Miki-san, and Dengeki Magazine vice editor-in-chief Futami-san

- There is 7 main heroines on this sequel: Kirino, Kuroneko, Manami, Saori, Ayase, Kanako, and Sena

- Fushimi-sensei wanted to write more routes but the director didn't allow him because he needs to supervise the story that was written by another writers, as the project structured in special way. He was given option to write Kanako route, another route, and a choice between Kirino or Saori route. At first Fushimi-sensei chose Kirino route because he wanted to do her story more than Saori but he got to write Saori route too anyway, as well as the hidden route that can only be unlocked after some requirements met. He didn't get to write Ayase route again like on the prequel, but he managed to get to write Ayase's new epilogue.

- In the end, the routes written by Fushimi-sensei himself were: Kirino's sister-in-law route, Kanako route, Saori route, Kuroneko's Yamineko short story route, Ayase epilogue, a hidden short story route, and common (beginning) events.

- The basic of the game, you're already going out with the heroine from the beginning of their route.

- Kirino route
Her main story from the previous game is already complete so now they left it and instead expand the sister-in-law if route since it was too short before. It starts with the same "sibling without blood-related bonds" setting like before. Fushimi-sensei said it feels the setting is like a balance breaker of the situation of the series, that there's a weapon to instantly killed the last boss and you already equipped it from the start. Futami-san think that Kirino is too cute it hurts here.

- Kuroneko route
Apart from the normal route where you date the Kuroneko, there's also Yamineko route that comes from Ayase route from the previous game where Kyousuke and Ayase went to Summer Comicket, but here they didn't confess to each other. If the normal route deals with you enjoy the cute side of Kuroneko on the Shironeko persona, the Yamineko route where Kuroneko fall to darkside will be filled with situation comedy. There's also a new epilogue for her.

- Manami route
Written by Miki-san. Her story is different from other heroines so it's little bit special, and it will definitely pleases Manami fans. If there is more time, Fushimi-sensei wanted to write epilogue for Manami too like he wrote Ayase's.

-Saori route
You will be dating Saori from the beginning. And there will be a lot of scenes where Saori appears without her glasses, and they will also introduce cute new characters that haven't even appeared yet on anime that will surprise us (well you already know who now XD). Miki-san said that Saori story is "not fair".

(to the next post)

User Info: bakanki

5 years ago#3
(resuming from the previous post)

- Ayase route
Since Fushimi-sensei already wrote her story before, so this time he leaves it to Miki-san, but he at least want to write a new epilogue for her. Futami said that Fushimi-sensei wrote wonderful story before, so it really puts pressure this time. There will be cute and entertaining date scenes, but there's also a bit of horror on it.

- Kanako route
Continuing her (mini) route from the previous game. This newly written route is linked to many parts of the series. Kyousuke and Kanako couple is surprisingly fit excellently so look forward to their dialogues and flirts.

- Sena route
Her route begins just like the original story. Here though, Kirino and Sena already known each other but Kyousuke didn't know that. Her and Ayase route made Fushimi-sensei worried the most; Ayase route being hard because of the pressure from the previous game and Sena route is because there is Kouhei (Sena's big brother) on her part. It's involving Sena's brocon feeling to Kouhei thus it really close to OreImo main theme.

- Fushimi-sensei recommends every route but he specially recommend Kirino's since there's a lot of scene that can only happen on the game, plus since she doesn't related by blood with Kyousuke anymore here there will be a change of Kirino's attitude towards Manami. Miki-san recommends Manami route and Futami-san recommends Ayase route due to its "date with Ayase-tan" cuteness (don't fail me, Futami-san!!).

That's all from now. Let's wait until the new article this Friday :D
And if you haven't watched the PV:

User Info: bakanki

5 years ago#4
Weekly article #4

Introduction of Kyousuke, Kirino, Kuroneko, Tamaki and Hinata (two Ruri/Kuroneko's little sisters). There's also a video preview of Ayase route that seems incomplete since it was lack of Kyousuke's voice. Next week there will be an interview with Ayano Taketatsu (Kirino's seiyuu).

User Info: Siqueiros

5 years ago#5
Thanks a lot for the info and the links, I'll check them since i plan to get the game later (i got the first, by the way... i really enjoyed the anime).

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