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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#1
I've been noticing that a lot of the people online seem to be new to this game or even fighters in general, so I wanted to make a little topic to help out those who are just starting. I'm open to suggestions for any additions, and if this is helpful, you can request a sticky

But first, some terminology

L = Light attack, square by default
M = Medium attack, triangle by default
H = Heavy attack, circle by default
S = Special attack, X by default

j. = Jumping, the attack following it will be in the air like j.M
sj. = Same thing except at a super jump height
Soft knockdown = Opponent is in a state of hitstun where they're completely vulnerable until the hit the ground. Upon landing they'll immediately get up
Hard knockdown = Same as soft knockdown, except they'll remain on the floor for a little while before they can get back up. S moves in a launcher combo will cause hard knockdown.
OTG = Off/on the ground, a move that will hit the opponent when they are in a hard knockdown state
Frames = 1 frame is 1/60th of a second in this game.
*numbers* = Each number represents a direction. It's easiest to think about them like the number pad on a computer


1 is down-back, 2 is down, 3 is down-forward, etc. So the standard Hadouken motion which is down, down-forward, forward+attack would be 236L/M/H for example. I like this more than QCF or DP and whatnot...

Okay, so now for some general tips.

1) Learn combos

I know this seems obvious, but so many people online seem content just mashing whatever the hell they can and rage quit when they get beaten by actual combos. If you're happy doing that, then I won't stop you, but if you want to get better, you should learn the magic series. In this game it's usually L, M, H, S, sj.M, M, H, S, land, OTG, super. Of course different characters have different combos, but generally mission 5 is the basic combo for everyone. Just take note that the mission combos aren't the best; they'll give you a general idea of what characters can do, but there are much better combos. here are some examples for Zero

Basic combo: 2L, M, H, 6H, S, sj.M, M, H, S, land, Rekkoha

Intermediate combo: 2L (hold L), M, H, 6H, S, sj.M, M, H, delayed M, land, jump forward, j.M, M, release L, 623L, land, 2H, S, sj.M, M, H, S, land, Rekkoha

roflstomp hax corner-to-corner instadeath combo: 2L (hold L), M, H, 6H, S, sj.M, M, H, delayed M, land, jump forward, j.M, M, H, land, jump forward, j.M, M, release L, 623L (hold L), land, S, sj.M, M, H, S, land, vertical jump, 236H, release L, 623L (hold L), land, Sougenmu, vertical jump, release L, 623L (hold M or H), land, 6239L, land, 6239L, land, 6239L, land, 6239L, land, 6239L, land, vertical jump, release L, 623L (hold L), land, Sougenmu, vertical jump, release L, 623L, etc...

Sorry, I forget exactly how many TK Raikousens are in Zero's loop, but it's just an example of his better combos. No one is expecting you to pull off his combos that last like 50 seconds, but try to get the basics down.

And a general rule of thumb is that it's best to start combos with either an aerial attack, or a low attack. That way your opponent has to guard appropriately, rather than just being able to block mid attacks with either standing or crouching guard.
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#2
2) Learn to approach

Goes hand in hand with #1. If you can't get close to start your combos, then they're useless. Here are some methods to get close to your opponent:

A) Wavedashing - Dash, press down to cancel the end of the dash, and repeat. Much easier if you use 2 attack buttons to dash.

B) Teleport - Well obviously moving from point A to point B while being invincible is nice, but all teleports have a recovery period after, so it's best to use an assist to cover yourself. Just don't get predictable or both your point and assist character will get smacked.

C) Use cover fire - Using an assist to keep the opponent blocking while you advance is a common method of approach. But certain characters can give themselves safe ways to approach. For example, Strider can call out his robot tiger thing and wavedash behind it, Morrigan can flight-cancel a Soul Fist and air dash behind it, Dormammu can throw out Dark Matter and teleport for an approach that is also a crossup.

D) Flight - Assuming your character is capable, you can always fly towards your opponent. While you can't block during flight mode, an interesting thing to note is that you can un-fly in 1 frame. And you can press the input for that during the freeze for a super. Let's say you activate flight with Morrigan, and air dash forward. Hawkeye thinks: "lol she's air dashing and can't block" and uses Gimlet. But if you press 214S during that cutscene, Morrigan will cancel her dash and flight mode, returning you to a neutral state in the air, allowing you to block.

E) Just jump forward - If you're stuck with one character who can't teleport, has no projectiles, no air mobility, and a slow wavedash... well, you're probably screwed lol. But you can always try to jump towards your opponent. Why is jumping good? You recover faster from blockstun when you block in the air and land. And of course, you're still making some forward

3) Learn to block

Another thing that should be pretty obvious, but learning to block is very important. Generally if your opponent is on the ground, you'll want to block low, and if they're in the air, you should block standing. Of course there are ground attacks that will hit high, but they're usually easy to see coming.

And don't neglect advancing guard (pressing 2 attack buttons simultaneously while blocking an attack). It cuts down on chip damage, and pushes your opponent back to get some breathing room. If you have a level 5 Frank going all paddlesaw-happy, you don't him to stay in your face, because you'll be eating a hell of a lot of chip damage. Just note that advancing guard also increases the length of your guardstun, so there are instances when you might not want to use it so you can punish an unsafe attack.
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#3
4) Don't mash buttons

Tons of people online just stay in one spot mashing LLLLLLLLLLL in hopes that someone will walk into it. Not only does it leave you completely vulnerable, but on the off chance that someone is stupid enough to walk into it, all the L attacks will scale the damage horribly, making your combo incredibly weak. Not to mention if you're using someone like Chun-Li or Wolverine, their mashing attacks have recovery, so you're left wide open for an even longer period of time.

5) Don't rely on TACs

I know they're all flashy with the colors and stuff, but unless you're doing some MarlinPie-style Doom swag combo, you're better off skipping them. At least you know that your opponent can't break out of a normal combo with a right guess.

6) Don't hard tag in the heat of battle

I can't stress this enough. I see this way too much online: whenever someone gets low on health, they tag their partner in. The idea itself isn't a bad one; it's the method of doing so. When you just call in a partner, it leaves them open for punishment if their incoming attack is blocked. That means that your next guy will likely eat a combo that ends in a snapback, forcing your injured character back in. Your initial guy just lost all his red life and has to deal with mixups upon his re-entry, and the guy you tagged in took some damage. Not an ideal situation.

Here are some safe ways to get your partner in:

A) Hard tag after a hard knockdown or after you kill someone. Air combos are the most basic way of causing hard knockdowns, or moves like Vergil's Lunar Phase, which also causes a ground bounce first, so you can actually combo after a hard tag.

B) Use a Delayed Hyper Combo, or DHC. Best in a combo since you can get some extra damage in with your safe tag, but if you absolutely must do it outside a combo, then you should DHC into a "safe" super. Stuff like Trish's Round Harvest, Doom's Photon Array, etc. Things that your opponent can't punish on block.

C) TAC if you have no meter. Not the best of ideas since your opponent has a 33% chance of countering it, but if worst comes to worst, you might as well try.
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#4
7) Don't mindlessly spam things

It might be normals, it might be special moves, it might be assists, it might be supers. But think things through. If you repeat the same thing over and over, chances are that your opponent will find a way around it quite easily. I mean... unless your opponent keeps falling for it. They'll probably call you a spammer, but why should you change something that's working, right? If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

If people spam against you, don't just cry CHEAP. Look for a pattern and punish. So many of the rage quitters online are terribad. Why? Well besides the fact that they just mash buttons, they don't even try to think of ways to beat things. They lose to the same thing and instead of taking it as a learning experience, they just disconnect in a salty rage.

Bottom line: Vary your gameplay to keep your opponent on their toes. Unless your opponent is clueless, as previously mentioned.

8) End your blockstrings safely

You can't charge in expecting every one of your moves to connect; of course your opponent is going to try and block them. If your attacks are blocked, you want to stop attacking on a move that has a frame advantage, or is at least close to that. You don't need to memorize the frame data for every character, but just know that most S moves are unsafe on block, meaning you can get punished if they don't connect.

For example, a lot of Dantes online just spam his j.S move, which is -6 on block. I block it, and have 6 frames in which Dante is completely helpless. However, if they were smart, they would cancel his j.S into the Hammer, which not only does chip damage, and has invincibility, but also is +16 on block.

On the ground Dante can cancel his normals into Reverb Shock, then cancel that into Fireworks, which is +2 on block. Not significant enough to make much of it, but it's better than letting your opponent move before you recovered.

9) Just have fun

I know this thread makes the game seem all serious, but in the end, it's still a game. Have fun with it, and hopefully this helps you guys ^_^
( ^_^)/\(^_^ )
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User Info: timyadeadhomie

5 years ago#5
Sticky requested. Thanks for the great guide. I would also suggest watching the Babies Guide to UMvC3, episode 1 is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf_OlFBwCHg

I would also request you add the definition of a BnB to the terms section. Thanks again bunny! See you online ;)

User Info: XdieX

5 years ago#6
I will destroy EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!


User Info: CWSapp757

5 years ago#7
Excellent stuff man. For those that are just beginning, there is a lot of good stuff here. Take the time to read it and I'm sure it will enhance your experience.

FYI bunny, I sent ya a friend request last night but me and my girl are moving tomorrow so the Internet has been cut off. It'll be back on Monday. Hope to get some matches with ya next week.

User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#8
I checked back to this too late to edit it lol...

BnB = Bread and butter, a combo that's reliable and does decent damage. Something that you can pull off with little fear of dropping it.

Tri-dash = Jump and air dash diagonally down. Good for movement with Doom, and overheads in general

Hitstun = The time when a character is vulnerable after being hit by an attack. You can't do anything but cry as your character eats a combo

Guardstun = The time when your character is in the defensive animation after they block an attack.

Super = Meh, just another way of saying Hyper Combo.

I also have a couple more things to add

10) To advance further, learn character-specific techniques

Not everyone can be played the same way. Dante needs Bold canceling to do his better combos, Zero and Vergil need to charge for their better combos, Doom needs to tri-dash to make up for his bad ground dash, Chun-Li needs to learn to use her standing attacks or move while still charging her Spinning Bird Kick, Wesker needs to learn to put his shades back on to be badass, etc.

If you guys want I can elaborate on some of that. Just tell me which characters I should expand on

And yes, that Chunz thing is possible... interestingly enough, you can stop holding down for up to 8 frames and still retain her charge. So you can wavedash while still having access to her SBK/EX SBK

11) X-Factor lulz

I'm sure we all know that X-Factor is pretty overpowered, but there are some fun ways to use it too. Since XF can be used any time that you're not in hitstun (with a few exceptions like whiffing Tron's Servbot Takeout), you can use it to cancel guardstun and retaliate before your opponent has even finished their attacks.

If you have a character with a fast attack, you can use that to interrupt them. The safest thing to do, though, is to use an invincible super. Most level 3 supers are invincible. I think only Nemesis has a level 3 that has no invincibility whatsoever. Magneto's Gravity Squeeze might be the only one that isn't invincible until the attack actually starts.

But for the real lulz, X-Factor leads to some pretty funny infinites. Dante's Jam Session becomes an infinite if done repeatedly with level 2 or 3 XF. Deadpool's Quick Work H is an infinite with level 3. And my personal favorite, Nova's Centurion Rush M. Just get the opponent airborne at ground bounce height (with his 6H overhead or 623L after a hard knockdown), X-Factor, and spam 623M over and over. Laugh as Nova kicks them into the ground repeatedly since that move can be used to ground bounce even if it was used up already.
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#9
Another experience online reminded me of one more thing I wanted to say...

12) Don't throw out supers at random

Unless it's a safe way to stall for a time over victory or you know you can chip the other guy to death, don't do it. I've faced people who try to do a point-blank Shinkuu Hadouken against my level 5 Frank. Shinkuu Hadouken = no invincibility. Survival Techniques = frames 1-25 frames invincibility. Do the math. And since most level 3 supers are invincible at least until the attack hits, you probably don't want to try a random chipping against most people with 3 bars unless you're a good distance away.
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User Info: brycemorr

5 years ago#10
Fuzzy you got a guide for those of us that will just suck no matter what cause mission mode is killing me i cant get past the first few mission of each character.
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