What are your feelings about the other FF games?

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User Info: the_great_tidus

4 years ago#1
Post opinions about the games you completed in the FF series, or have played a good deal of the game lets say 10+ hours to form a decent opinion of it.

FF1 - didn't like it, no story and repetitive

FF6 - pretty decent but the writing is bad and there are too many characters.

FF7 - one of my favorites I thought the story characters, battle system were all greatly
improved over the past FFs

FF8 - mediocre storyline, Some good characters the gameplay sucked. A decent entry but not as good as FF7

FF tactics - I enjoyed the story and the writing was well done, It's one the more mature games up there with FF12 and FFX, the battles are at times too slow and broken though. But overall I have to give props for being a risky game that delved into more mature themes.

FF9 - better than FF8 but not as good as FF7. The story was pretty good and its one of the deepest in the series and touches on blade runner type story. The battle system however is a bit too slow

FFX - the best in the series by far IMO it has the best story, the best battle system and the most memorable world.

FFX-2 - crap story, the battle system is well done but I feel this was a big step back from the more sophisticated and mature story of FFX.

FF12 - The story and dialogue are well done but the story isn't paced very well and the game drags on and gets repetitive. Could have been alot better but ultimately full of failed potential.

FF13 - Pretty much trash it dumbs down and takes steps back in every aspect. The graphics were amazing but the story is not memorable the characters are cookie cutter and the battle system is competent but it takes too much control away from the player.

FF13-2 - Better than FF13 but still far below the classics from the ps1, and early ps2 era. The characters were better written the exploration aspect is better but the battles are still too passive.

Overall - FF6-FF10 seem to be when square was at thier best. I've heard FF4 was good and i'm playing it now, but I honestly don't like the direction square has went since FFX-2. I feel like they are trying too many failed ideas and ultimately losing what made FF memorable the story, characters and amazing worlds.
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User Info: Carlk797

4 years ago#2
We kind of did a topic like this once already while we have been waiting but I like topics like this so I'll participate:

FF1: I agree with you here, very early on not much story not much plot other than fight bad guys, level up, change jobs....repeat. However you do have to admit that with out this one, with out a beginning there was no way other games would have been made. I almost saw Tactics as sort of a reboot of this game.

FF2: The first final fantasy with a story. Firion was actually a very complex character. A man who has done nothing but wage war all his life with the dream of simply laying in a field of roses. You have to at least respect it in spite of the dated graphics. It was kind of cool seeing the man re imagined in Dissidia.

FF3: The classic story of little Beavis falls into a hole. This story seems to have been reused a lot in various different handheld hacks. (4 warriors of light, FF Tactics advanced) If anything though you do have to appreciate the challenge of this game. Phoenix downs were not easy to come by so you really had to strategize. The idea of the super hard extra boss first shows up here.

FF4: The best final fantasy story to date, and I think that the redo's certainly brought this game up a few notches. Cecil was a great lead character, and this story made one of the first complicated good guy/bad guy relationship with the fact that the antagonist was the protagonists brother. The completed collection I think was very well made so you could se the story in its entirety.

FF5: Not as good as four but it did have the first story where the main character Bartz (I like Buttz better) was not the strongest main character. This is the first time where the supporting cast had stronger characters with Galuf, and also the first time where we see sacrifice.

FF6: What more can you say about six. This put final fantasy on the map as a main stay game when it was released as "III" for the super nintendo. It had the best cast of characters of all the games because we got to learn a lot about them all and feel for their accomplishments and their tragedies. This I think because of the story allows it to be still playable even though the graphics are not as good as future games. This one also had one of the best villains of all the games. What more can you say about Kefka. "will you please knock of that stupid laughing!"

FF7: The game that brought final fantasy to a never before seen level. Everything changed and the story got considerably darker. You also had a main character that wasn't larger than life, in fact he was very human. He also went up against an unbeatable opponent. Kefka was your great crazy bad guy, but Sephiroth reminded me of the evil bad guy who was not just evil but also very intelligent. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and let nothing stand in his way. In order for Cloud to beat him he also had to defeat his own short comings, and when you fought him at the end it was the first time you wondered if you could beat him. The death of Aerith still is the darkest moment of any final fantasy game.

FF8: This game had all the right reasons why it should have been better than 7. Better graphics, better battle system, a stronger main character. The only thing that makes this a little weak is a complicated story. Also there was no real antagonist. Sure you had Ultimecia but the connection your character had to her was never really made clear. Maybe it was the translation issue that made it muddy I don't know. But I just didn't like the story as much as 7's.

FF9: A throw back to earlier final fantasy titles. I didn't love nor did I hate it. It was average. I did like Kuja though.

FF10: We all know about this game, we all know how badly we are all waiting for it, so there is not much that we need to say about it. I do believe strongly that this is the best game of the series in spite of all the BS that some people say. (too linear..etc)

User Info: Carlk797

4 years ago#3
FF10-2: Ok the charlies angels final fantasy game was a bit campy, but I did like the battle system. My main gripe with this game wasn't the three girls. In my opinion the game was so easy that even a retarded monkey with one finger could have beat it. That was just not cool.

FF11: Overrated too much like crystal chronicles, and I've never been a huge fan of annoying animals. I don't want Pokemonesque characters in final fantasy games. Also a 99 hour boss battle...really???

FF12: Much like 9 I didn't hate nor did I love but again interestingly enough I did like Galbreath

FF13: I think SE believed that this game would do well based on graphics alone. A lot of games are doing this now. I mean think about all the call of duty rummies who play that game for hours and hours because they love the graphics of the blood gushing out of peoples heads as they make that perfect head shot (dumbass barbarians!). Graphics doesn't make a great game alone. There were too many short cuts that SE did when they made this game. They wanted us to read all the back stories to understand everything in more detail. I did like the battle system, I did like the soundtrack. But for the first game on the current generation of systems, it wasn't as good as 7 and 10.

FF13-2: You know about Star Wars episode 2 Attack of the Clones, filler movie until we get the the big conclusion. Well that's what 13-2 is, the thing is 13-3 is going to be not as good as episode 3 of Star Wars. I think SE screwed up in dragging out a mediocre game.

FF14: boring, gliche, and a waste of time and money. If you play it look for chocobro he still has faith I guess.

Best of the non linear:

FF Tactics: As I said before I sort of saw this as a reboot of FF1. I think the first tactics was hands down better than any of its follow ups. The PSP version was nice because we got to see some new scenes that made the story make more sense, in spite of the shakesperian english re do.

FF7 Crisis Core: I really liked this game, I just wish that it wasn't on the PSP. It was neat seeing Zach and how he really was rather than just a lackey that we saw in FF7 originally. We got to understand how he was able to help Cloud become the hero he was later capable of becoming.

Dissidia: Buy the duo version it was basically the original one on steroids plus Yuna was in it.

User Info: yewyewyew

4 years ago#4
FFX is hands down the best, but surprisingly Crisis core is also one of my favourites, even though i didnt really like 7 that much aha
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User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#5
FF1: Corny as hell, but fun gameplay and hell it was the start of it all.

FF7: Liked it, its not the jewel of the series to me, but it sure is a great game. Loved the gameplay, the boss fights, the songs, the extra secret stuff.

FF8: My personal favourite and the first I played. I can never forget this game. It also seemed like the most mature and serious FF, while still having a boatload of secret content. And o the card game, that mini game on itself is better than most games.

FF9: Another great game. Not many people mention this, but you could actually two-player this one, each controlling two chars. It was amazingly fun.

FF10: The last good FF to me. I was kinda disappointed the free roam was somewhat gone. The introduction of voice acting and the awesome gear creation and sphere grid customization made up for most of it. Being able to control summons was also great and there was alot of side questing to do.

FF10-2 Most people bash it because of the fanservice factor, but underneath lies a great battle system, nice follow up story that wraps up the sad FF10 ending, some creepy vibe with Shuyin in the cave and overall alot of secret content to explore. Its a shame we never got Last Mission over here. That new psychic class seemed awesome.

FF12: I had a pretty hard time pushing through this game. The fighting system was kinda clunky, the magic and limit breaks were pretty limited and boring and the characters were alot less lively than in previous games. The summon system took a step back from 10, so did the gear and skill customization.

FF7 Crisis Core: Great game, story wise I liked it better than the original FF7. Should have gotten a console remake.

FF13: God this title hates me as much as I hate it. I had a horrible time going through 11 chapters worth of tutorial before you were finally granted any sort of freedom. The fighting system took alot of control out of your hands. Instead of controlling your characters, you had to choose AI scripts for them to run. Everything was forcing you down a straight path, the limited skill grid, the limited locations to travel, the limited gear creation, the lack of post game content. To top it all of the disc actually fried the blue ray drive of my PS3. I have never had anything break on me, because I am always thrifty with my stuff. There were alot of reports of this game killing fat PS3s.
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User Info: Moon_Wolf_II

4 years ago#6
FF1 - Nice and simple. Since there isn't much dialogue, it's a game I can play while I watch tv or something.

FF2 - I like the skill system and how it is the only one in the series with it. Also how there was 2 extremes with the final boss, how it could be dead easy with the particular weapon or keeping you on your toes with anything else.

FF3 - Found it hard the first time around but finished it for the first time a few days ago. Would definitely play it again and I liked the final dungeon. The phoenix downs were a big deal the first time around but didn't matter so much next where I only needed about 6 or 8 of them over the whole course of the game.

FF4 - Found the PSP version very nice, reasonable difficulty with the battles, unlike the DS ones which seemed as hard as coming up against the final boss in every boss battle.

FF5 - Found it a massive task the first time around, now I always enjoy playing it. Also I tend to play it again to hear Clash on the Big Bridge.

FF6 - Always like playing this one. Nice soundtrack and I always like the characters different abilities. Edgar's drill is reliable and Sabin's blitzes get me through a lot of battles, especially up to part 2.

FF7 - First final fantasy I played. Still find it fun but not as gripping as it was.

FF8 - Another great soundtrack and I can tend to play this limitless times with out getting bored.

FF9 - Love the characters. Especially Freya and Zidane. The final boss battle is always unpredictable but he's actually only beaten me once while winning by some impossible odds. Also "you are not alone", "hunter's chance" and "Those whom we must protect" are awesome tracks.

FF10 - Love all the character, even Tidus, even though I found his whininess annoying the first time I played but after knowing how the plot panned out after playing it the first time, I didn't find him so bothersome. Really looking forward to when the HD version comes out. Even though really, I can't care less about the HD, I just want it portable on the vita or just being able to play it on the PS3, either would be awesome.

FFTA - Even though I finished it years ago, I still find the whole game memorable. Even some of the minor characters like Ezel Berbier for example.

FFTA2 - Can't really remember much. Wasn't as much fun as the first one.
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User Info: maliktundoh

4 years ago#7
FF1 - Good game. Recently played it on my "Gotta beat em all" mission.

FF2 - Also Good, but 4th pt member problem gets annoying. Played with 3 chars lol. Just beat it also

FF3 - Having trouble getting into it for some reason. I now see where FF14 got its char level and job level idea from.

FF4 - Loved it. Played it but never beat it . Great game

FF5 - Played it don't remember alot of it. not as good as 4 to me. Still fun though but never beat it.

FF6 - As above. Remember the guy poisoning the water though.

FF7 - Loved it, First RPG i ever played and probably my fav, though i called Cloud Trunks at the time... lol Levelled that super saijin to be crazy powerful. Beat the main story, but never managed to find gold chocobo... I didn't have internet back then. spent many long nights in the northern choco footprints looking for one. Never beat the ultima's either. will do that on my beat them all mission.

FF8 - Loved it almost as much as 7. Beat it. Seifer was a bad-ass, Squall was kinda weird. Got completely addicted to the card game. which turned out to be a good thing for getting lots of materials. I still remember how epic that mission with the parade felt. Really great game.

FF9 - Good game not as good as the previous two i felt. Never beat it.

FF10 - Loved it. Tho very linear, i felt ripped when we got the airship, but couldn't fly it. Blitz ball was a blast enjoyed that more than the card game from 8 lol. Beat it many times.

FF X-2 - Enjoyed it oddly enough. Loved the job system, beat it.

FFXI - Loved it, first On-line game i played. Epic. SE really outdid themselves with it i feel. Well, atm it is kinda stale. haven't logged in in a while Still have my char tho.

FFXII - Good game, tho I haven't beat it yet. Enjoyed it except the NM Camping... made sense in ffxi with other ppl, in solo game... gime a break.

FF13 - Very UN-interesting though i have only got about 6 hours in maybe.. i will beat it one day. I promise.....

FF13-2 First and only instalment of Final fantasy i have not even tried. Will buy it sooner or later to play after i beat 13..

FF14 - Lv 50 blm and war... My computer cant handle it to good, but i didn't enjoy it enough to bother upgrading my computer. Probably will not go back after ARR. I feel it pales in comparison to 11.

Spin off things.

Crisis Core- Played a bit, seemed good. Will beat it eventually.

Tactics - Have not tried. Will get eventually maybe.

Dirge of Cerebus - Much as i loved Vincent i dont even think ill give this a shot. Not into shooters.

User Info: mickey5252

4 years ago#8
Final Fantasy 1 - Liked the spells and i liked the job choice at the beginning adds replay value but not much of a story line.

Final Fantasy 2 - Better story. I didnt care for the level up system at all.

Final Fantsay 4 - One of my favorites first game with a close bond to the main enemy, really shows the good versus evil and also the change that cecil makes early on.

Final Fantasy 5 - Don't remember much quit playing after reaching the 2nd planet. Liked the job system as usual.

Final fantasy 6 - Loved Kefka most evil laugh in all final fantasy games. only final fantasy in which i recall the world was actually rearranged.

Final Fantasy 7 - battle systems started to get more creative, also addition of limit breaks and mini games were fun to repeat. updated graphics and great cast of characters made the replay value much higher than others. liked the materia system.

Final Fantasy 8 - Story is most modern in my opinion however the junctioning system is broken to a fault same with the lionheart weapon. Best mini game ever in any video game LOVED the card game

Final Fantasy 9 - story is decent not as good as 8 or 7's and the characters were kind of bland the first disk was the best disk IMO. Card game wasn't as good either. Best ending besides 10's

Final Fantasy 10 - most customization of any game beside FF12. The Story was possibly the best story of any FF game to date. Extensive Sphere grid and also weapon customization along with monster arena gave more than enough challenges. Last battles were a joke though by the end of the game it was way to easy.

Final Fantasy 10-2 - could have been longer way to fast to run through if not doing all the quests.

Final Fantasy 12 - Could have been one of the best games had the characters not have been a star wars ripoff. the story was also blah similar to star wars, which is awesome movie but not a good FF game. Weapons and the license grid were good. The espers could have been more usable they should have went back to a single attack animation in FF12 rather than have them fight alongside. I didn't like the battle system it moved away from the traditional Final fantasy styles.

Final fantasy 13 - killed the series for me. Didn't like anything about it besides the graphics the rest sucken IMO.

Final Fantasy 13-2 - Added to the crap that came before it. and by before it i mean the prequel.

User Info: Uranium_Fox

4 years ago#9
FF I - 3 I had fun, but couldn't recite the plot for anyone if my life depended on it.

FFIV Decent story, stellar combat and narrative pacing.

FFV My favorite, always, I love the Job System and the writing.

FFVI In my opinion a story that was bit all over the place and way too many characters to deal with, especially for a SNES game.

FFVII I think the nostalgia goggles make most forget that the combat was some of the best the PS had to offer, but the story is incredibly contrived and confusing if you don't study it like a novel.

FFVIII I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of this game. I think most people who didn't enjoy just didn't bother to learn how to optimize characters with the Junction system.

FFIX Serviceable, I didn't particularly like any of the characters, it seemed a bit long in the tooth at the end.

FFX Probably my third favorite of the series, it's incredibly well crafted.

FFXI Didn't bother, at the time it came out I was still playing Asheron's Call. Couldn't leverage playing 2 MMOs and being in high school.

FFXII Hate me all you want, I really did not like this entry at all. I gave it all of 20 hours before I just swapped it for another game.

FFXIII Tried to get into it, I really did, I stuck it out until everyone said the game would get fun. I just never connected with it.

FFXIII-2 No interest.

FFT One of my favorite tactical RPGs. Didn't pay attention to the story well enough to remember it, but I still have my old PS save with 300+ hours dumped into it.

FFTA I liked it, not much more to say on that.

Didn't bother with Mystic Quest or the GB entries, or FFX-2, it seemed too rediculous for me to take seriously.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
4 years ago#10
VII > X > IX > VI > XII > VIII > V > IV >>> I > II >>>>>>>>>>>>> XIII
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