What do you believe is each character's inherent job class?

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  3. What do you believe is each character's inherent job class?

User Info: Apex0913

4 years ago#1
Tidus: THF/WAR, maybe. He does have flee, but Rikku seems like more of an obvious thf.


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User Info: afaimix

4 years ago#2
Tidus: Time Mage + Warrior

Yuna: White Mage + Summoner

Kimahri: Blue Mage

Lulu: Black Mage

Rikku: Thief + Alchemist

Auron: Samurai

Wakka: Green Mage (closest thing I can think of otherwise is XIII's Saboteur) + Archer (ability to hit aerial enemies)

User Info: Grabbac

4 years ago#3
Tidus = Warrior
Auron = Warrior
Rikku = Rogue
Wakka = Warrior/Rogue (ranged)
Lulu = Mage (black)
Kimahri = Warrior/Rogue/Mage
Yuna = Mage (white)

User Info: wolfxslash

4 years ago#4
Tidus: Time Mage/Warrior

Yuna: Summoner/White Mage

Auron: Samurai

Kimahiri: Blue Mage

Wakka: Archer

Lulu: Black Mage

Rikku: Thief/Alchemist

User Info: Winterglaive

4 years ago#5
Tidus - Warrior
Wakka - Ranger
Yuna - Summoner/White Mage
Auron - Samurai
Rikku - Thief
Lulu - Black Mage
Kimahri - Blue Mage/Dragoon

User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#6
Tidus: Seems like a combination of Time mage and a speedy tricky fighter, like Ninja.

Auron: Knight

Kimahri: Dragoon and Blue mage

Yuna: Summoner and White mage

Lulu: Black mage

Rikku: Thief and Alchemist

Wakka: Archer/Juggler
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User Info: Carlk797

4 years ago#7
I'm not too knowledgable of the job classes.....but I know there are obvious ones.

Lulu Black Mage
Yuna summoner/white mage
Auron Samurai
Wakka an archer with a ball?
Kimarhi blue mage/mimic
Rikku theif/engineer???
Tidus not really sure where he falls a warrior has less abilities but he isn't really a ninja either

User Info: ElectricalBeast

4 years ago#8
Tidus - time mage/ warrior

Auron - samurai

Wakka - archer

Yuna - white mage/black mage/summoner

Lulu - black mage

Rikku - thief/alchemist

Kimahri - abomination lol but seriously hes a blue mage. useually a clone character.
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User Info: Grabbac

4 years ago#9
Many seems to think that Auron is a samurai? What makes him a samurai?

User Info: jurfi1

4 years ago#10

Kimari-Dragoon/Blue Mage


Auron-Dark Knight/

Lu lu-Black Mage

Yuna-White Mage/Summoner

Wakka-Green Mage
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  2. Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster
  3. What do you believe is each character's inherent job class?

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