How far did you get on the original game? *possible spoilers*

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  3. How far did you get on the original game? *possible spoilers*

User Info: RC Cruz me

RC Cruz me
3 years ago#1
I forgot, it was somewhere past the Thunder Plains though. I put like 80 hours into the game, but most of it was playing Blitzball -_-, I actually kept on restarting at the first game you play Blitzball where it doesn't matter if you win or lose until I won, lmao. -

User Info: 1shadetail1

3 years ago#2
I've beaten it, and done a fair chunk of the late-game side quests.
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User Info: GreenTreeClub

3 years ago#3
Did everything except maxing Luck
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User Info: raveman598

3 years ago#4
I beat the main game but didn't really do the side stuff like the monster catching and stuff. Played tons of blitzball though.
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User Info: MisterX867

3 years ago#5
I've never beaten it ;_; I could've gone to sin and finish the game but I stopped after obtaining Anima
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User Info: plincoln21

3 years ago#6
beat both, got half of the ultimate weapons in X and came very close to mastering all dress spheres for each character in X2, but at a certain point I just had to let it go and power through and beat them.
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User Info: _Ness_

3 years ago#7
Beat X about 3 times. I didn't really do the postgame stuff, unlocked ultimate weapons, etc. I will probably do that stuff this time around.

X-2 I never beat... I loved the battle system but I seemed to just lose interest about halfway through.
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User Info: drcossack

3 years ago#8
Beat it. Did quite a bit with Blitzball, getting all of Wakka's OD's (though I never got his Sigil) - I had a level 38 Tidus & a level 52 Ropp, which absolutely DECIMATES, to the point where nobody else can even do anything: if you don't start with the ball, Ropp WILL grab it, pass to Tidus, then Jecht Shot. I average 7-8 points/game.

Never did the Butterfly Minigames or Lightning Dodging. Will be doing that this time around.
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User Info: bvillebro

3 years ago#9
In FFX-2 I bought the game shortly after release, and bought a PS2 from my friend to play it

Like an idiot, my brother and I went to Gamestop and bought a 2nd controller, but forgot to buy a memory card

So we played all the way through FFX-2 with no memory card, and had several casualties

Furthest I made it was to the road to the farplane, where I died to Anima. About 14 hours

Some call that 14 hours wasted, I call it 14 hours of fun. Besides, that's a fairly impressive feat for a 10 year old kid playing a new video game, without the ability to save to get 90% of the way
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User Info: Demonic_Essence

3 years ago#10
Beat X 8 times twice 100% in under 75 hours

Beat X-2 twice once for ultimate happy end.
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  3. How far did you get on the original game? *possible spoilers*

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