Who all won the opening blitzball tournament?

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User Info: Xiaoyu420

3 years ago#1
Did you win the blitzball tournament against the luca goers? - Results (860 votes)
80.47% (692 votes)
19.53% (168 votes)
This poll is now closed.
How did you win if yes?

I changed control to manual... I won 2-1, managed a jecht shot and a venom shot from Wakka when he came in, luckily the goers only scored once, but partly cause i dribble stalled lol
Favorites !
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User Info: xylophone2

3 years ago#2
Manual->Lure with Letty->Pass to Tidus/Wakka->Score. Basically did that every time I had the ball. Final score was 2-4.
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User Info: mouchou11

3 years ago#3
I went full out against them from the start, everytime they did a goal, i'd reply with one too. The first round ended as a 3-2 in their favor, because my last kick woulda needed 2-3 extra seconds.

Then the next round I opened up with a jetchshot, tying it, and kept it tied until wakka arrived (his arrival stoped their goal too). Then with wakka I scored an extra goal and by the time they tried to shoot at my goal, the game ended. 4-3 win, with 2 goals blocked from the goers thanks to time's up.
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User Info: DukeBurden

3 years ago#4
Which trophies do you unlock for winning the first blitzball match? Do you get the win a match one or the win a tournament one? Or both?
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User Info: jelash

3 years ago#5
I lost, 3:0
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User Info: Zestage

3 years ago#6
Whenever they had the ball I changed my formation to right, whenever I had the ball I changed to formation left. They never had a clear shot.

A Jecht shot made it 1-0, then I had a moment when Wakka came in to score a second with Letty (or the RF, I forget who), I shot and and the game was over right before it went in. Still, 1-0 is still a victory.

User Info: Heartfang

3 years ago#7
It's been so long since I'd played blitzball that I forgot how to set it to manual. So I won on auto, which is even more surprising since I never win the tournament.

Seems to me you have to get lucky that they don't score on you, and you have to score before wakka comes out, since it's really hard to score with him. I scored a goal with wakka in overtime and won.
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User Info: DemiWebster

3 years ago#8
The very first time i played ffx, i did not win that game. With this version I won. I had the jecht shot(which i got first try) this time. Won the game 1-0 lol

Never did any extra blitzball when i first played it. Borrowed the game and ps2 from a friend so i didnt have long to get into all the extras... And after getting my behind handed to me i thought i was always going to be terrible

I really enjoyed blitzball this go, probably will be doing a bunch of it next time i've got free time

User Info: ni6htmare01

3 years ago#9
I pass the ball a lot to advance before they have chance to attack me and I got close enough with Wakka and score the 1 and only point to win.

User Info: Death_Master911

3 years ago#10
A Jecht Shot from Tidus, then after Wakka came out, I got a goal in the last 30 Seconds of the match and won 2-1. Stuck it on Manual controls of course. Without that I would've been screwed.
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