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Do Aeons level up with Yuna or

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  3. Do Aeons level up with Yuna or

User Info: INikeOne89

2 years ago#1
Whenever you use them in battle?

User Info: Glavewurm

2 years ago#2
They level up with Yuna, as well as for every so many battles you enter (you don't even have to fight).
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User Info: Static Hamster

Static Hamster
2 years ago#3
They level up with Yuna and when you use certain items once you have a prize from Belgemine
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User Info: INikeOne89

2 years ago#4
Ah ok. Thanks guys!

User Info: dsky9000

2 years ago#5
What from what I recall the Aeons level up by the use of certain party members.I didn't level up Yuna at all in one game and still had every aeon packing out max hits.
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User Info: Hak

2 years ago#6
Aeon's get a boost in stats every (30 I think) battles until 600, when they stop getting the bonus. The buff isn't huge, but it does add up.

Other than that, their stat growth is affected purely by Yuna's. It isn't a 1:1 ratio though - as an example, you may notice that raising Yuna's Strength by 4 causes Ixion to get 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 accuracy, and 50HP. Aeon's all have a predetermined stat growth anyway - while boosting Yuna down Auron's path will cause their Strength to increase quickly, it'll eventually level out, so then the only aeon with 255 in all stats when Yuna has 255 in all stats is Shiva (though her HP will be lower than several of the others).
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  3. Do Aeons level up with Yuna or

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