I was at the TGS today. And I've PLAYED IT!!!!! YEAH!

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User Info: Sirius

6 years ago#1
Haha, yeah, I've tried the game today. It was playable. Waited over two hours in line.

Well... basically, what was playable is much of what you see in the trailer. They put you straight into the action and there is no menu. You have 3 party members: Adol, Seinen no ginpatsu (Silver-haired young man) and Kappatsu na musume (Lively girl).
.... Damn Falcom, didn't wanna give us names. :( You can see those in the trailer anyways.

Anyway.... it plays exactly like Ys Seven. Attack with circle, hold R and a button to do a special attack, and L for the super special. Dash with X.

I only had 15 minutes so I didn't really read the conversation boxes, unfortunately.

I got to a point where there was something of a huge enemy, but I was too weak to be able to beat it. He killed me. Then I ran away. :P

Basically, the only thing that was new so far is that you could zoom in and out with the touch screen, and open chests by touching them on the screen. I didn't get to anywhere that required the back touchpad.

I heard, however, different music that was not in the trailer, but the earphones were not good enough and too much noise around so I'm not even sure if it was a remade song found in MotS or Dawn. I haven't played Dawn anyways, only MotS.

Well, that's pretty much it. It's basically Ys Seven. On the Vita. Gameplay wise at least. ;)
You'll laugh, you'll cry and you will never want to go to sleep again. --jollzoffire about Dragon Quest VII

User Info: UltimaMM

6 years ago#2
I went to TGS yesterday but couldn't find it at the Vita booth.

User Info: Sirius

6 years ago#3
Well, sure was there today.
You'll laugh, you'll cry and you will never want to go to sleep again. --jollzoffire about Dragon Quest VII

User Info: Guruda

6 years ago#4
Maybe the lack of names isn't Falcom being mean but a way of indicating that Adol has a serious Memento situation going on and can't actually remember who they are for more than a few minutes. ;-)

Anyhow, cool that you were able to play it. Pity you couldn't hear the music but with TGS crowds you were probably lucky to hear anything at all.

User Info: TorchIight

6 years ago#5
good to hear

User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#6
So the girl and the guy can't be identified by people who've already played Ys 4? I'd have thought that since it was a remake they might be established characters.
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User Info: farios

6 years ago#7
As Guruda said in other topic that girl might be Karna, the silver haired guy is a total mystery though

User Info: Guruda

6 years ago#8
The girl pretty much has to be Karna. She's described as 'Lively Girl' which is appropriate for her, her hair and clothing are the same color as Mask of the Sun Karna if not the exact same design (including the blue headband) and there's no other character in IV it could be and no reason to make a new one when Karna was practically made to be an ally.

As for the silver-haired guy, Lemnos is a possibility but he's a pretty minor character in most versions of the story (he has one important role to play, then he drops out of the story completely) and the one exception was made up by Taito to add 'drama' or something as part of its Karna character assassination arc. Still, that kind of thing can change and he's one of the few good options. The other possibility is Duren, who's somewhat more important for semi-spoilery reasons that I won't mention in case Falcom decides to incorporate it into this game. Granted, that was Dawn of Ys rather than MotS but Falcom could still use it; it's hard to know exactly where the line is between Hudson making things up (blatant stuff like the Black Pearl/Dark Fact stuff) and doing things that were probably in Falcom's plot outline which Tokinhouse didn't use (the names of the five disciples).

User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#9
Duren always struck me as more of the skulky thief type though, and this silver haired chap is pretty burly if the screens are any indication.
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User Info: Guruda

6 years ago#10
To be fair, Lemnos has never been shown as a particularly burly guy either and neither had silver hair in any version of Ys IV so it those respects they're both equally (un)likely to be the mystery man.
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  3. I was at the TGS today. And I've PLAYED IT!!!!! YEAH!

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