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User Info: SirFreshness

5 years ago#1
"There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness"

User Info: LegendarySkitch

5 years ago#2
Only further cements my Vita purchase. Even though I would've imported it if for some reason it didn't come here like I am doing with Tales of Innocence R. Hopefully we'll get a Japanese release time range soon and they can localize it shortly after...or even better simultaneous release in both areas...I would freak out with excitement.

User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#3
Sorry to be a wet blanket but I'm going to have to quote Wyrd (Localization Ninja Extraordinaire) here.

As I posted on the XSEED forums:

Uh, I think you guys are reading a bit much into that answer from Kondo-san. There's a certain implication here that when Ys IV Vita is released, we'll probably be the ones to work on it... and I, personally, am anticipating that as well... but it's definitely not set in stone or anything. I think that was just Kondo-san being really positive and optimistic about its chances of being played by westerners (just as the rest of us are).

So yeah, this is not an announcement, nor is it an accidental slip of unannounced future plans or anything. It's more like an implied "I hope our game is loved by people all over the world, not just in Japan!" sort of thing.

Which isn't to say you should be disappointed -- it's still good news! -- but I just wanted to make it clear that there isn't as much subtext to be read into here as you guys seem to think there is.


User Info: LegendarySkitch

5 years ago#4
I get XSEED's point...but if a game where the president of the company wants the game localized, the company who usually does the localizations wants to localize seems weird to expect anything else but inevitable localization. I realize it's not an announcement, it's just that I can't understand why it WOULDN'T be localized even though that may be a little naivety

User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#5
I wouldn't disagree with any of that, I just wanted to pass on XSEED's message that this isn't the confirmation it appears to be. I'm as certain as can be that it's going to happen eventually though.

User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#6
I wish developers would stop making comments like this. It's a given they'd hope the game is loved, it means more money in their goddamned pockets, there's no reason to make a comment like that.

With that in mind, the effect of such a comment is basically to tease fans. Oh hey look, here's a carrot, do you want it? That's too bad, Western Gamers don't like RPGs, so we don't feel it's worth our time to localize it. I know we said we hope a lot of people enjoy it, but we're not going to give you chance to find out. Sucks to be you, go play Call of Duty.

The man should just keep his {Bleeping} mouth shut unless he has something factual to present, I couldn't give a crap about his opinion or what he wishes, unless said opinion or wishes result in me being able to play an awesome game.
My interpretation of reality is different than yours.

User Info: helldew

5 years ago#7
well if we make a big enough deal chances are we will get it. even if i dont own a vita i will buy this purely out of support.
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User Info: bronzefrog

5 years ago#8
Considering what I just read, I'm ....not certain how Celceta is supposed to explain why Adol became an adventurer. I mean, wasn't that the reason why he went to Esteria in the first place?
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User Info: ParanoiaDragon

5 years ago#9
Since he has amnesia in this later iteration of the game, it's theorized that he will go thru some kind of flashbacks as he recalls his childhood, etc.
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User Info: Super_MooRio

5 years ago#10
People discuss Tales of Innocence more apparently even though it is probably not coming here. :(
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