While were waiting for this one.. Let's talk about older Ys Games!

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User Info: Im_A_potato

5 years ago#1
Which one was your favorite and least favorite? Either Story or Gameplay wise. Ys 1&2 counts as one game.

As for me,
Favorite would be.... A tie between Ys 1-2 and 7.

Best part in Ys 1 was Darm Tower:

Adol and 3 other dudes (Luta, Raba & Dogi) running for their lives trying to find their way out. What's ironic is they're going even farther up!

Best part in 2 was the build-up to your fight with Dalles & Darm:

I mean seriously, Dalles is an ass. Getting in your way almost every single time! And then you kill him.

As for Darm, meeting everyone from the beginning of your journey before the final fight feels cliche but it didnt fail to get me all excited for the climax.

Ys 7 had a lot of great moments too but my favorite would be Adol's "Death Sentence". *Crossing Rage plays* LET'S ROCK!

Least Favorite would be Ys 6

Boss fights had a lot of BS, so you had to grind and story was really mediocre.

I mean come on, Adol went through all that trouble of fighting crazy fairies and a pretty boy for a "weather machine"!?

User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#2
To be fair, if you recognize the origin of the title you pretty much had to see something like that coming.

Anyhow, I'm going to have to give two favorites. First, Oath in Felghana. Much has already been said about the game both on its own and as a remake of III so I won't repeat a lot of that. You can assume I'd just echo what everyone else has said. I'll just say that there are two things I really appreciate in the remake:

First, it turns a bland antagonist into someone who's actually pretty cool and it turns one of the blandest heroines into... well, she's still far from my favorite but she's a hell of a lot better than she was and I kinda hope all that official artwork of Elena the White Knight turns into something down the road. That would be pretty cool. Could never see that working with Ys III Elena but Oath Elena, possibly.

Second, the game did an awesome job of conveying the feel of Ys III even with the shift in format. You know that big central shaft in Tigray Quarry? I remember seeing that for the first time and thinking 'yeah, they nailed this'. It felt like they took Ys III and tilted the camera a bit and boom, there's your map. Same for the feel of the boss fights, for the most part.

Third (I know I said two things, just try and stop me), they finally delivered gameplay worthy of The Boy Who Had Wings. It was criminal how such a good song played on an intro screen with no action. No longer!

Second game I have to mention: Dawn of Ys. It's still my favorite game to use the bump system even though it's been eclipsed by the Eternal games in presentation. There's something awesomely nostalgic about the game in general and it's basically got everything I want in an Ys game. It's long enough to have fun with but not drag, some fun secrets to discover, the map designs are awesome, the music is generally incredible and if the story is non-canonical and pretty trite by modern standards it's got characters with just enough to them that I actually care about the protagonists and hate the antagonists (see my user name) and want to see what happens next. If I want serious depth I'll go play a Kiseki game, thanks. Plus, it introduced an escort mission where Adol is the one being escorted, not the girl with him. That's worth a boost in the rankings all by itself.

For least favorite... Ys V for everything but the story. It's visually dull for the most part (which is a shame since it's got one of the most exotic locations in the series), the controls needed tuning and for a series that's known for its music, only a few songs are really memorable. It's saved from completely sucking because the story is pretty good and there's a ton of untapped potential to be found if/when Falcom remakes the game. Actually, the game I replay the least is the original Ys III (even before Oath came and made it redundant) so that's near the bottom too.

Of course, the worst Ys game is still worlds more fun to play than a lot of other games so it's all relative. ;-)


Actually, if we step outside of Falcom-made games (counting both versions of IV because of its history) I have even more clear favorite and least favorite games.

Favorite (second only to Oath): Ys II Special. It's one of the greatest tragedies in gaming history that Mantra went out of business because this game is awesome and I can't even read a word of it. If Falcom takes some cues from it (and gets permission to use Adventurers Anthem) in a remake of I-II it will be the best game ever. And to think they could have remade Ys IV in the same style...

Least: A New Theory. Yes, versions of Ys IV are near the top and bottom of my list. Funny how that works out, isn't it. I'd also say Ys Tragedy but I refuse to acknowledge that one exists.

User Info: WingEye

5 years ago#3
Favorite: Oath in Felghana, Ys III (Genesis) was my intro into the series and until Oath it was my favorite, the story, game play, and music is just perfection in my eyes.

Least: since Ys I and II will be counted as the same game (II is my least favorite, but I love the first game) then I'll go with VI, not that it was a bad game, I really liked it, it was just not that memorable.
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User Info: Im_A_potato

5 years ago#4
I loved Oath in Felghana too. Mainly because of the boss fights.

"The Boy Who Had Wings" and "The Strongest Foe" were also really memorable tracks.

Villains were generic. I'll admit that, but they were awesome in their own special way.

User Info: knob1701

5 years ago#5
Never played a Ys game until I downloaded Ys Seven the other day. It is probably the best game I have played in a long time. Very excited about the new game on the Vita. I will probably try the Oath game next once I finish seven.

User Info: Phaild

5 years ago#6
I kinda hope all that official artwork of Elena the White Knight turns into something down the road. That would be pretty cool. Could never see that working with Ys III Elena but Oath Elena, possibly.

Just a question, ever played YS vs Sora No Kiseki: Alternative Saga? Because that's where the outfit comes from. She's a Support Character in that game and her special ability grants "Time Stop".
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User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#7
Actually, that isn't where White Knight Elena comes from; she had it in the original game years earlier. Beating various difficulty modes and boss rush unlocked new artwork for her. Beating the game on Inferno unlocked her imitation of Chester's outfit.
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