So Tales of Innocence R still has a change for coming to states

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User Info: Skeith_of_Death

5 years ago#1
Tales of the Abyss is already out in Japan and Europe is slated to get the 3DS version in November. Namco Bandai decided to push the game’s release back to February 14, 2012 in North America. Since the English version is already complete, I asked Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, why aren’t we getting Tales of the Abyss this year too.

"It was more timing in terms of a market perspective. The holiday season in the States, it’s pretty risky," Choi explained. "Any game you put in the holiday season you have to make sure you have a good followers behind it. Because there are only so many dollars out there. We want to make sure we get a nice window and there is an upcoming announcement. When consumers hear it they will go ‘Oh, that’s why’."

This is speculation from my side, but I suspect Tales of Graces f, which Namco Bandai will bring to PlayStation 3 won’t be released too far away from Abyss. In Japan, Tales of Graces f has a ton of downloadable content including costumes from .hack, Idolm@ster, and school uniforms. While Choi wouldn’t confirm which outfits were specifically coming over he said to Siliconera, "We’re working on all of those details. Our goal is to bring as much as possible to the market."

"We’re actually looking at a much longer term beyond those two titles of what we can to do bring the Tales series to the fans in the States," Choi said to Siliconera. There are a lot of Tales titles Namco Bandai could release too like the latest PlayStation 3 game Tales of Xillia or the upcoming PlayStation Vita re-imagining Tales of Innocence R.

Source: siliconera

User Info: chingi1

5 years ago#2
Togf in December?
Idk, I saw this up in siliconera too.
I still havent decided on whether Im getting abyss. Most of the pictures I have seen are horrible quality and make the game look worse than it did on the ps2.

Hopefully toi-r is coming to the US. This looks like its going to be pretty amazing.
This game comes out pretty close to feb. And didnt they talk about releasing games in the US closer to their jp release dates? Maybe their announcement is the release of this game... but idk... they would want more time than that to market the game to everyone.

Oh well, we can just wait and see.

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#3
However the Vita itself won't be out in the states until 1 month after this games Japanese release so if the game were to be released it could take another 6 months to 1 year to do so.

But then again most of the non console tales of games stayed in Japan so this game may stay in Japan as well.

User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#4
I'm hoping for a surprise that Bamco would announce Innocence R English version available for Vita launch in February later...

But not much.

At least they released Shinobido 2, Touch My Katamari, and Ridge Racer Vita first.
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User Info: shadowysea07

5 years ago#5

highly doubtful considering they would have to finish releasing abyss and graces first before they even considered another game. if we did get the game it wouldn't be for nearly 2 years.

User Info: Kysafen

5 years ago#6
Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnno it doesn't.
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  3. So Tales of Innocence R still has a change for coming to states

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