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Might be coming stateside.

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User Info: soras_hold

5 years ago#1
Alright, I was looking through a friends activity and clicked on a link to a Ruca costume that be bought. And it brought me to the USA PSN store with a English Title "Ruca Previous life Costume" with the ability to rate it.

Maybe I'm reading tooo much into this and this is just a place holder in case they do feel like bringing it over. Picture up later.

User Info: Super_MooRio

5 years ago#2
Doubt it, there is no way this will come to the west imo... Rpgs already are the hardest to translate and Tales game do not do well sales wise.

User Info: soras_hold

5 years ago#3
Here is the picture for proof.

User Info: xlr8r_max

5 years ago#4
Interesting find. I wonder how that got in there
Remember the Promise we made here.

User Info: JoeAdvanced

5 years ago#5
I want this game! Please Namco! Do something right and release this game to the US market!

User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#6
Nice find.
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User Info: a745

5 years ago#7
Huh. Are you -sure- it was the US PSN Store? 'Cause if your friend bought it already, then that would mean it's the JP one.

User Info: soras_hold

5 years ago#8
Yes I'm sure it's the US PSN. It won't connect me to the Japanese PSN.

User Info: vinz2

5 years ago#9
well we have already got a full fan translation for ds.
that should be enough to enjoy this game without missing out on anything
this arrives the day i get my vita :3

User Info: yukito

5 years ago#10
Interesting. I really hope NB will treat the series a little better outside of Japan, despite previous entries not selling to their expectations.
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