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User Info: BRX5

5 years ago#1
Possibly a stupid question since the game hasn't been released yet but having read through the post at http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/643186-dead-or-alive-5/64037020, is playing through arcade mode the only way to unlock costumes? Or can they be bought by "gold" when winning fights? What does "gold" unlock if not costumes?

P.S. Never played nor bought a DOA title in my life so I am not sure if DOA follows the same formula as Tekken: as in you can buy items for the head, foot, hands etc with the gold you earn...

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User Info: DeeNinjaa

5 years ago#2
DOA doesn't use any sort of costume customization, minus pushing different buttons on the character select to slightly alter an outfit by adding headgear, glasses, different hairstyles, etc. As far as I know, you can only unlock costumes through Arcade and Time Attack.

User Info: BionicLotus

5 years ago#3
I think some people said they unlock costumes during Story mode.

User Info: Techmaster666

5 years ago#4
DoA has always needed to clear story/arcade mode X times to get X extra costumes.

It is said that you unlock a costume for Arcade Mode each difficulty (dunno if all characters have that many costumes) you beat with each character... like Finish with Kasumi in Easy will get you "Extra Costume 1", in Normal "Extra Costume 2" and so on.
The only thing that you can usually modify are hair style/ornaments/trinkets.

I think Story mode unlocks extra characters, like Akira (VF).

There shouldn't be anything like Tekken Tag Tournament 2's shop. It's kinda a "new" thing for Tekken too, since till Tekken 5 there wasn't any shop, just unlockable characters.

On a side note... if you'll ever want to see DoA girls with all kinds of different costumes bought from a shop, there's always Dead or Alive Xtreme 1 and 2 (as well as one for PSP).

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
5 years ago#5
Not counting swimsuits, these are the amount of costumes per girl:
- Kasumi - 6
- Ayane - 6
- Leifang - 8
- Kokoro - 6
- Christie - 5
- Tina - 6
- Lisa / La Mariposa - 6
- Helena - 5
- Hitomi - 6
- Mila - 6
- Sarah - 2
- Pai - 2
- Alpha152 - 3 (just crappy color swaps)

Collecting costumes is done in following ways:
- Beat story mode to get 2 Kasumi-specific costumes.
- Beat Arcade / Time attack / Survival [solo or in tag, but Survival is only solo] mode. Note that if you beat Arcade on rookie difficulty, you have to choose higher difficulty for next costume.
- Getting skimpy swimsuits is done a bit differently. Play Survival on Legend difficulty to face Lisa as final opponent - defeat her for her swimsuit. Play Solo Time Attack on Legend to face Christie as final opponent - beat her for the swimsuit. Play Arcade on Legend to face Tina as final opponent - defeat her for the swimsuit.
- Apparently you have 30% chance for the swimsuit to drop. I got all three on the first try, though.

User Info: BRX5

5 years ago#6
Thanks for the great responses guys. I am surprised and happy to hear that there are about 6 costumes per fighter to unlock. Sounds good.
(goodhockey.com) - won GHL cup in seasons 20, 24 and 28.
(metroho.com) - consistently reach the playoffs

User Info: lovelyshot

5 years ago#7
The guys? Perverts........
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