Ryu's Senko-Izuna

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User Info: rinchan

5 years ago#21
F*ck this. I'll try for other titles for now. -.-; Damn I have a feeling I'm going to drop this game soon.

User Info: PandaSquadTrio

5 years ago#22
Don't drop the game because of a simple thing! When compared to Akira's and Sarah's command training... >_______>

Anyway, learn how to do his command grab Izuna. I landed it A LOT today and it was pretty fun. I found that playing on the D-pad felt better than on the stick, so maybe try that out instead?
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User Info: OhhSnap

5 years ago#23
If you're doing it for the titles you might aswell just spam with Leifang to beat the legend modes cause even that's easier and less time consuming than attempting the hold

User Info: SerpenterRex

5 years ago#24
I doubt this method will work for anybody else, but I figured I'd drop it, just in case...
(I my self did this holding the game pad upside down, but I doubt that such a thing is a requirement...)

Using the stick, rotate in circles from left to right, and hit hold at the point where you pull off the hold command (so from 3 to 10 on a clock) Repeat for all three commands, with the same timing. It should be enough delay to get the third part of the command in.

User Info: IBringIt

5 years ago#25
PandaSquadTrio posted...
I'm sure Akira's one frame move will drive you even more insane than Ryu's Izuna drop.

Actually, I got Akiras one frame knee done in like 2 attempts. It took me half an hour to get through Ryu's command training because of the different Izuna drops.

I'm all done though except for Alpha and I'm 4 titles away from unlocking her. Just have to finish unlocking Helena's, Bayman's, Brad's and Eliot's outfits.
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