Future DLC costumes you want?

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User Info: MahadoKusanagi

4 years ago#11
School uniforms for Kasumi and Ayane like in DoA 2, i think that would be HOT.
Shadow Man and that Tele-Tubbie for Zack like in DoA 2
Bruce Lee for Jann Lee (you know, black pants and white..........whats that called?) like in DoA 2
Cowboy Outfit for Tina (i don't mean her currently costume, i mean more like her 2nd costume like in DoA 2)
Ein's Black for Hayate from DoA 2
Helena's Opera from DoA 2

Since i didn't unlock every costume yet (don't even know what to do for some of them), can't say for sure if f.e. school uniforms are available. Kasumi has 6 outfits (without dlc) and she don't have a school uniform (i have all 6) and thats BS...

User Info: bloodhound90

4 years ago#12
Truth be told, I'd rather have have every costume from 1-4 for each character but I know that won't happen.

I guess the main one would be Zack's teletubby costume. Can't think of another one.
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User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#13
all doax outfits
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User Info: Sunburst

4 years ago#14
tehdud posted...
all doax outfits

Yes! Yes!
There can be only one.

User Info: YoshioKST

4 years ago#15
Hitomi's denim jacket.

lucky-go-go posted...
Zack's silver Teletubbies outfit

=_= To date I wonder what the heck was up with that.

antking61 posted...
Ein with his Black Coat.

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User Info: lucky-go-go

4 years ago#16
YoshioKST posted...
=_= To date I wonder what the heck was up with that.

Pure awesomeness, that's what's up. This is what it should have looked like instead of silver.

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User Info: Omegacrisis

4 years ago#17
Christie: http://images.wikia.com/deadoralive/images/b/b0/ChristieDOA4C1.jpg and http://images.wikia.com/deadoralive/images/4/42/ChristieDOA4C3.jpg

Hitomi: http://images.wikia.com/deadoralive/images/a/a9/HitomiDOA4C3.jpg
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User Info: F31Leopard

4 years ago#18
Ayane Track Jacket w/camo skirt and Bubble Gum Crisis-ish suit. Kasumi Turtle neck w/jean skirt. Wish these costumes were available out the box and not paid dlc if the decide to do that I'll pass. DoA4 had a larger costume selection. Just another way for KT to charge you more than 60 or 80 if you got the CE for a game.
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User Info: goldw

4 years ago#19
Tuxedo for Ryu
Lei-Fang's Costume 10 from DoA Ultimate
Hitomi's Costume 2 from DoA4
Ayane's training dummy costume
Tina's costume 1 from DoA2
Helena's Arabian dancer outfit
Helena' and Ayane's deception outfits
Jann Lee's suit
Jann Lees' Costume 1 from DoA4
Kokoro's Costume 6 from DoA4
Christie's Costume 3 from DoA4
Zack's alien suit
Hayate to get Ein's shirtless costume, the one with the chains
Bayman to get Leon's red trench coat
Bass to get his white suit

I have a lot of wants. But Christie should never, ever receive that aesthetic nightmare that was her DoA4 default. Never again.

User Info: AllstarSniper32

4 years ago#20
Does anyone know of a site where there is at least a thumbnail of all the costumes?

I don't know if it's not in the game
Ayane - the Kagero Deception 2 outfit.
Zack - silver alien with glowing antennae

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them right now.
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