Wish this game had a "jiggle OFF" option

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User Info: barbicud

4 years ago#101
Howard_C_Neal posted...
barbicud posted...
Howard_C_Neal posted...
MahadoKusanagi posted...
Howard_C_Neal posted...
Lots of people agree with me. It's too bad you're stuck in puberty, obsessed with bosoms. You need to mature.

That's a joke right? On almost EVERY damn topic you are complaining about something, most of the time about the boobs. What's wrong with you?
Just quit playing DoA 5 and play Tekken or SF if it bothers you that much, its just as simple as that. TN will NEVER quit doing what they are doing because it's a part of DoA.
Quit whining man, you are only just making yourself look ridiculous

I do play SF and other fighters. I used to like DOA, but it's just too much.

As a religious Christian, I cannot condone fanservice, it is evil. If there was an option to turn it off and cover up the women, I would be all for it.

As a religious Christian myself I facepalm at your argument. Why buy the game when you knew there'd be jiggling boobs. If the concept of "fanservice" as you put it is strictly against your tastes( boob bouncing and girl punching), then you shouldn't even be buying this game in the first place. Don't even tell me that it's a matter of your religion. You're only using it as an excuse. Sorry for being so rude, but I'm just trying to give my two cents as a fellow Christian. When you're religious, you should let your actions speak for you. Religion is about peaceful influence. Not about complaining on the internet. Now if you'll excuse me I'd like to get back to playing some good ol DoA. God Bless.

As a Christian, you ought to know better than to sin against God by staring at digital boobies. This is evil behavior.

Okay troll. Whatever you say. :)

User Info: Jocko

4 years ago#102
goldw posted...
From: Howard_C_Neal | #071
Like the one guy said, real boobs don't bounce. Kudos to him.

http://regretfulmorning.com/wp-content/gallery/boob-gifs/boobs-2.gif (This one destroys your argument)

There. And your welcome.

If there is one good thing that came out of this troll topic it's this :)
The oxygen's leaving my brain!!! --Clucky the Chicken


4 years ago#103
11 pages of blatant trolling and feeding. Is anyone really that naive to believe Howard is a devout Christian?

User Info: Howard_C_Neal

4 years ago#104
Only sinners appreciate this disgusting JIGGLE factor.

User Info: Heero0101

4 years ago#105
You do realize you can not buy the game ,the loudest group that screams for equality seems to miss the most logical thing not everything will be to you liking .Two thing this guy is either a wk or is a female feminazi not everything must bend to your taste and no one has to follow your way if you don't like something it has the right to exist and to be made especially if there is a market for it .You can do what a lot of adults do and not buy into something you don't like instead of telling everyone else change to your taste and likes.
Get It In

User Info: onyx_kane059

4 years ago#106
First off, as a Christian, let me say this. God created boobs. I believe God loves boobs cause they keep getting bigger naturally.


That is all.
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User Info: kawaiiflonne

4 years ago#107
It started in DOA 3, when the girls started to jiggle, how they do and the Doa beach volleyball was worst about it to be honest. So if you don't like it, just don't play it and if you wasted your money on it, you are a idiot to not know about the games since DOA3. So you are out of luck, of getting your money back. So please stop saying this christian bull crap. DOA is an amazing game, yes the girls do jiggle maybe, a little to much, but oh well the fighting system has always been top notch. And btw Howard_C_Neal
if you are a true Christian where is your turn the other cheek policy?

User Info: KarasuShiro

4 years ago#108
Howard_C_Neal posted...

As a religious Christian, I cannot condone fanservice, it is evil. If there was an option to turn it off and cover up the women, I would be all for it.

like others said, what are you doing playing a fighting game with characters wich can use MAGIC (its evil ! ) , there are CLONES (its agains god's will, because only he/she/it can create life like that...oh wait..) and there were demons in previous episodes (Tengu ) ...hell, why do you even play video games, its evil too! exept the bible games...

welp...that aside..did you really sent a letter to TN for that...? yeah right...

and btw, before you say a dumb thing, i'm agnostic.

anyway, i would have agreed with your idea to put a jiggle option or something, even something like DoA 2 did (the age option and all..) but...face it, its pointless, it wont happen and every good argument you could have used had be ruined by your stupid christian non sense.
"If you value life and want to see the sun set tomorrow, there's one thing you should never put in a trap: me."
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User Info: 23figures

4 years ago#109
I kind of agree with TC. I bet I'm not alone, either. There's nothing wrong with more options. You can't really say DOA would be a worse game if it had an option to turn it off. I'm not getting involved in any Christianity discussions though, that's going a bit far.
*Runs away from angry mob*

I'm not coming back, so don't even try it!
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User Info: donnbobhardy

4 years ago#110
As a Christian video gamer, I would just like to weigh in and ask all of you not to judge the rest of us Christians by this nutjob, whether or not he is trolling.
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